GL’s Kim Zimmer

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Kim Zimmer lets down her guard and opens up.

Getting Up Close and Personal with Reva Shayne Lewis

Sharing a similar fun and outgoing personality as her character, Reva Shayne on Guiding Light, Kim Zimmer recently opened up to Soapdom about her storyline, her age, her favorite co-star, and what really happened to precipitate Lindsey McKeon’s departure from her role as Marah on Guiding Light.

First the easy one. Who is Zimmer’s favorite co-star?  "Well, Robert Newman (Josh Lewis) is my favorite, of course!"

What does Zimmer think about the current Guiding Light storylines, her own included?  "The storylines have had some problems,” she admitted, “but we're getting back on track now with the new head writer." 

She shared that there was some creative post production going on as well. “A lot was edited out to end or repair certain storylines.  Also, scenes were added so you will suddenly see Reva with a different color hair and different make-up.”  

How about what the future holds for her character?  "Oh!  Reva has a storyline coming up with Vinny Salerno.  Yep, Reva and the mob boss...!"  "Who knows?!” she enthused.  We also wanted to know if Zimmer had her wish, what would she want to see for her character?  “Maybe there could be a possibility that Sandy could really be the son of Reva and Josh, instead of Reva and Richard,” she said.  “Reva could have been pregnant before she went away!" 

Now to the issue of Lindsey McKeon.  First we wanted to know if there were any plans to re-cast the role of Marah.   "No plans as of yet," Zimmer replied.  She then went on to  fill us in on what really happened in regard to Lindsey McKeon’s departure.

"Lindsey made it very clear that she was planning to leave after her contract was up in October,” revealed Zimmer.  “The Executive Producer got tired of reading it everywhere and basically said –‘go now.’  Lindsey was very upset and emotional about it."  

Note to all other soap actors. If you’re planning an exit at your contract’s end, don’t publicize it months beforehand, unless you’re looking for one of two things:  1) to get the ax; 2) to get picked up by another soap.

Starring as Reva on Guiding Light on and off since 1983 (she left for a five year period from 1990-1995), Zimmer has gracefully matured over the years.  Not that she looks anywhere near it, but next February, she will celebrate her 50th birthday!  On the show, the character of Josh is supposed to be older than Reva, but the reverse is true of Robert Newman and Zimmer. 

A team player through and through, Zimmer was hoping to do a play in July, but declined the role because P&G asked her to be part of a huge CBS promo this summer.   

The blue-black spangled gown that Reva wore to Tower's when Josh asked her to marry him -- for the third time -- is a size 10 and it sold for $600 at a recent auction!