GL's Casting Director, Rob Decina's New Book

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Get the scoop on how you can be a soap star

Wants Actors to Nail Auditions and Shows them How!

GL Casting Director, Rob Decina, center, with Jordi Vilasuso (ex Tony) and Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus) Photo:  (c)PGP

Just call it an “audition technique class in a book.” That’s how Emmy nominated Rob Decina, casting director of Guiding Light, describes the book he wrote called The Art of Auditioning Techniques for Television. A book that is geared toward helping an actor understand the craft of acting and the business of auditioning.

The Art of Auditioning Techniques for Television is a packed book of knowledge and a step-by-step format that shows actors how to empower themselves as they begin the auditioning process of trying to win that important role.

Decina adds that just because a person is great at an audition and is an interesting actor (which you should be), but you have to remember that you are trying to book the audition.

“I tell the proper ways to audition, and the importance of being yourself,” Decinca said. “I also tell the process steps which could help in winning the audition and hopefully get a screen test.”

Soapdom asks, what’s involved in a screen test? “Usually it’s a scene that you do with the actor you will work with,” Decina said. “Let’s say on Guiding Light you were to appear with Kim Zimmer (Reva), then you would test with her, put it on tape, and the Executives that be would be involved make their decision.” (In case of GL, it would be Procter & Gamble and CBS.)


Rob Decina,
GL Casting Director, at a booksigning.
Photo:  (c)Alan Nusbaum TVI Studios

Decina began in the industry as a theatre director, and worked freelance as a casting director to help build up his resume. He then landed a position with Warner Bros studios in New York where he was involved in the process of casting for “The West Wing” and “Third Watch” to name a few, and has worked on over 45 pilots.

Decina is an adjunct professor in Communications at Pace University and teaches audition techniques at TVI Studios in New York. He is a member of the Casting Society of America, which recently nominated him for the Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Daytime Episodic casting.

Decina has been casting director with “Guiding Light” for five years, and enjoys each and every day.

“I really enjoy coming to work,” Decina said. “Casting in daytime is crucial, and looking for that right person is never ending. It’s a challenge, but one that I love.”

Decina decided to write The Art of Auditioning Techniques for Television as a training guide for anyone interested in acting. He has seen all to often that people really don’t understand the whole process of auditioning or what is expected of them.

“First of all I think that people starting out in acting are surprised by the grind of the business,” Decina said. “Acting schools teach acting, but not the business of auditioning or casting.”

Jordi Vilasuso (ex Tony, GL) and Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus, GL) with Rob Decina, GL Casting Director
Photo:  (c)PGP

The Art of Auditioning Techniques for Television tells about the peaks and valley’s of the business. The book offers tips on things you should and shouldn’t do, and tells you how to go through the auditioning process.

Decina also points to the fact that there is no such thing as the perfect audition, and many times it’s the right actor for the right role, or sometimes just at the right time. And getting touched up photos is a waste of money, because it’s important that you look like yourself.

Soapdom wants to know, can the average person make it out there? “Oh absolutely. I know soap stars look great, but also real people sell.”

The Art of Auditioning Techniques for Television is a must for anyone starting out in the business. The book offers interviews with some of the industry’s top casting directors, talent agents, and actors, advice on headshots and resumes, information about under-five and background work on daytime TV, and much more.

The Art of Auditioning Techniques for Television is available at bookstores, or it can be ordered directly from the publisher. Say you read about the book at!

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