GL's Beth Ehlers

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Ehlers tells her secrets.

Favorite Co-Stars, Close Friends, and Fun at the Beach!

Soapdom Special Contributor Angela Vizzie had the opportunity recently to chat briefly with Guiding Light’s Harley Cooper Davidson -- none other than Beth Ehlers.  Here’s what Angela found out!

Beth Ehlers (Harley, GL) is great friends with Laura Wright who plays Cassie.  “I have a lot of fun working with Laura (Cassie), " she said. "And Frank (Dicopoulos)."  Dicopoulos plays Ehler’s brother on Guiding Light, Frank Cooper.  “We act silly together,”  Ehlers revealed with a smile.  She also enjoys working with Bradley Cole (Jeffrey).  "Bradley Cole is great!”

A far as her current storyline goes, Ehlers is looking for a new challenge storyline-wise.  "I would love to play anything that will take Harley away from being a cop!" she confided.  "I'm tired of that."  Will she get her wish?  Time will tell.

Ehlers started on Guiding Light back in 1987 when she was just a freshman.  She stayed with the show until 1993, left for a few years and returned in 1997.  She has been with GL ever since.

Did You Know?
In high school Ehlers worked at the Gap but she wasn't "a good folder" so she became a cashier.  Ehlers and Laura Wright are such close friends that at the recent Marco Island Film Festival Celebrity Weekend, they were both together at the beach with their kids before the fan brunch!