GH Valentine's Romance & More!

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Read with Caution. Contains Serious Scoopage!


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In the weeks ahead, you will see people all over Port Charles bonding in the most mysterious and sensuous ways.  Many a General Hospital source has chirped in several ears of Soapdom's editors regarding the strange connection between Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) in addition to the consummation date for one of the serial's most controversial couplings:  Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Emily (Natalia Livingston). 

Given all the buzz, we decided it was time to share what we knew with our loyal Soapdom readers.  Brace yourself for some serious spoilers!!! 

You may have noticed more and more screen time between Alexis and Sam, but don't chock it up to coincidence.  Sources tell us that Sam has a special connection to the Cassadines: She's Nikolas' (Tyler Christopher) sister!  At least this was the case as we went to press; GH honchos were torn between making the rebel Alexis' daughter or Nikolas' sibling.  Apparently, if GH sticks with the former plot, Alexis thought it would be best to separate all ties from the young infant in an effort to protect her from the venomous Helena (Constance Towers).

 hspace=5 xsrc= hspace=10 xsrc=Another duo receiving a lot of attention is Sonny and Emily.  GH is determined to ride it out with the pair and go the distance, despite some fans complaints over the inappropriateness of the May/December relationship.  On Tuesday, February 14th, Sonny and Emily admit they love one another.  On Friday, February 17th, the mobster and the young doctor-in-training move into accelerated mode when they consummate their relationship.  Could an engagement soon follow?  Not if Carly (Laura Wright) and Jason (Steve Burton) can help it!  Stay tuned to see it all play out.