From ghoul girl to stunning beauty, Nadia Bjorlin has come a long way

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Nadia Bjorlin and Brandon BeemerAs any long time viewer of Days of our Lives knows, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) has come a long way from Ghoul Girl to a stunning beautiful women, however in purely soap opera fashion, one can also say that today she is quite the b----.

"You is fun to play those parts, "Bjorlin explained. "I want Chloe to find herself and not be walked over. I want her to be the witty person she is. It is interesting, and this time around I want the guys chasing me."

Bjorlin also admits that her character has come a long way from being teased in high school, explicit pictures of her put on the Internet, and of course... being the outcast with the long black hair and round black eyeglasses.

"I really liked ghoul girl though. I always loved it," Bjorlin shared with Soapdom. "It was the character that was very real and the young girls and people could relate to her. She had a lot of insecurities in her that the kids really go through. I'd love to relive her again like maybe in a dream scene."

Bjorlin has been on and off the show for several years, but decided on a return, saying that Chloe has so many unanswered questions and there is so much more story to tell. "Honestly, it's like I never left. Everyone is like family and I've always been there. I am so thrilled to be back."

Bjorlin said that when she left a cloud was hanging in the air, not only for her character, but for her in in real life, and she is glad that Chloe is back. And adding that she is excited that Patrika Darbo, who played her mother, Nancy Wesley, is also back on the show.

"I'm overjoyed! I hope they can bring back my dad as well. Let the Wesley's take over the whole town," Bjorlin jokes. "My screen test was with Patrika. I feel like she is my real mom. I'm always asking her for advice, and our dynamics together are great! I love working with her."

Bjorlin would like to see Chloe sing again. She has a beautiful operatic voice, but for the time, she does not see that happening.

"You know I would really love to, but with budget cuts and artist residuals it probably won't happen, but I'm here to get the work done and have a story to tell."

She also attributes Days of our Lives as the place where she met her boyfriend, Brandon Beemer (ex-Shawn of DOOL) and Owen of Bold and Beautiful). She said they are going strong. And Days is where they met. "I want everyone to know!  I'm not pregnant, and he (Brandon) is just an amazing guy," she blushes.

Soapdom wants to know is there anything you want your fans to know about you? "Oh my! Is there anything left that they don't know?"

You can follow Bjorlin on Twitter, a social media site she uses and loves saying, "It's the instant gratitude" that she likes about it.