Freddie Smith Puts Mark On Character

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Freddie Smith (Sonny, Days of our Lives)As an openly gay character, Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) of Days of our Lives loves the challenge of "capturing the character."

"I do! It's exciting to be able to play this role. This is a big hot topic (being gay) in today's society,"  Smith said. "By portraying this character, I feel like I am making an impact on society, and be able to shed light on something that many people have a fear of."

This week Smith along with Chandler Massey (Will) have shared their first on air kiss. "This role gives me the opportunity to share the variety of experiences of what it is like to be gay," Smith said. "It's like do I come out? Do I stay in? This is about showing two sides."

In the storyline, Smith's character was always very comfortable about coming out, unlike Will's character who had a hard time grappling with the issue on what to do, let alone admit to himself that he is gay. It was Sonny who gave him advice on being open.

Smith jokingly said that he had a little more experience being gay. Previously he played, Marco Salazar, on 90210 (on the CW), a gay soccer player.

Smith was born in Ashtabula, Ohio. He enjoys going back, saying that "everyone is laid back."  He has been acting since 2008. He appeared in commercials for Verizon and Kay Jewelers. He also appeared in the short film titled "Weak Species" and in the film "One Wish" released in 2010.

He wants to remain in the business, explaining that he enjoys all aspects, from acting to directing, to creative writing.

Growing up as an only child, Smith said that he is close to his parents and two cousins that are like sisters.. "When I was a kid, I always wanted a brother or sister, but today I'm fine."

Smith added that he learned life's ropes from mistakes. Calling himself an "Immature punk" that learned to get on track real fast.

This past July, Smith appeared in Washington, D.C. to speak to Congress on Bullying and the need for Physical education in our schools.

"Both are an important character, and I wanted to tackle it. I have been mildly bullied as a kid, so I know what can physically and mentally happen," Smith said. "And I'm really for Phys Ed. Look at the obesity and unhealthiness in this country? We really need to be educated as to what we put in our mouth. I want this to be mandatory from kindergarten through twelfth grade."

Soapdom wants to know if you have a message to give your fans?

"Yes! Thank You for all the support. If not for you, Sonny would not be here, and again...for that I thank you," enthused Smith.  "And keep watching as the storyline will get real interesting."

You can folllow Freddie Smith on TWITTER: @freddiemsmith