Former All My Children star, Taylor Miller, helping people as a holistic health coach

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Taylor Miller (ex Nina, All My Children)Looking good and wanting to feel good about yourself is what it's all about. Former All My Children star, Taylor Miller (ex-Nina Cortlandt) may no longer be on television, but she is one busy lady.

Taylor Miller is a Holistic Health coach and runs her own business in Chicago counseling and advising people on how to live better lives through lifestyle changes and the proper ways to eat and use food.

It has been over 20 years since Miller left the canvas by choice on All My Children, where she was a staple for ten years.

Fans of the soap opera will remember her in the super couple pairing of Nina and Cliff (Dr. Cliff  Warner), played at that time by The Young and the Restless' Peter Bergman).  MIller left AMC to become a stay at home wife and mom and have a life.

"I did! I left for my husband and love," she said with a laugh. "I loved what I did on TV, but I just decided that it was time to make a decision. I did not want to work and call my kids on the phone to see what's new at home. I wanted to be there."

Taylor admitted that while on All My Children, it was a great life. Fame, money, glamour, and a job most would die for, but yet having all that she just missed the life of being a mom and wife. Today, she is shocked how people still remember her from her soap opera days.

"You know! I'm not a multitasker. I can't juggle all those things at once," Miller explains. "I look back with no regrets on the time I spent, but I look forward to now."

Miller said that doing All My Children was a "high," and she explained that she feels sorry for the many younger actors that leave, or are no longer in the business. "It is tougher to earn a living these days." Taylor said.

Taylor said that the daytime genre today is no longer what it was, adding that she was bummed by how the industry has changed.

Peter Bergman (Cliff) and Taylor Miller (Nina) and their storybook wedding on All My Children (c)ABC

"I really was. Back in the day, soaps were hot. Today I'm grateful a few are still left," Taylor said. "Honestly...I blame much of it on the writers' strike years ago and the OJ Simpson trial. That event drew millions away from the soaps. It was our first reality TV, in a way. AMC never recovered. I feel that was the beginning of the end of daytime TV."   

Taylor also has done voice over work for products like Quaker Oats and Naturemade to name a few.

Taylor became interested in Holistic methods when her young son was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. "One day my son told me that he could not un-bend his elbows, and I was like...oh c'mon!" Miller said. "Then I realized he was not kidding and we went on a medical journey."

Taylor said that he was diagnosed with the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, he was taking medicine and just not getting better. One day she took him to a naturapathic  doctor who prescribed the allergy elimination diet along with some other things. We tested a lot of things and once he took out eggs and whey he had no more joint pain. It has been a miracle. Today, he is a grown man and pain free, and quite a golfer.

"This is how I became interested in being a holistic health coach, Miller explained. "I just knew after the first diagnosis that something was wrong and I saw no improvement, so I took it upon myself to seek out answers."

Taylor Miller (ex Nina, All My Children) speaking recently near Chicago

Miller talks to various organizations around the country and was recently in Indiana with her presentation at a luncheon for a Cancer Resource Centre for Northwest Indiana and the South suburbs of Chicago, with profits going to support the cause. The Cancer Research Center is a non-medical place where peoples' lives have been touched by cancer, by offering support, education and encouragement. (See Link Below)

"I really enjoyed her presentation on nutrition," said Bev O'Block of Illinois. "It is amazing, but when you think about it, we are what we eat. You need to think about food."

Miller spends her day talking to clients on the phone. She has studied at the Institute Integrative Nutrition, and offers hope and suggestion on a better lifestyle through nutrition. "I started this path in nutrition working with women in menopause with hormonal changes," Miller said. "I was fascinated by this industry and decided to branch out."

Soapdom's Mark Edward Wilows with Taylor MillerThe program Miller has is for people that want to change their lives. Want to change their nutritional habits, are tired of being 50 years-old, but feeling 60. 

"Life gets better as you feel more alive. This is what my program is all about. But again! It's up to the individual that wants to change their life, no one can do it for you." she said.

Miller will have a new program beginning in April. She offers group or individual sessions. Sessions run close to an hour.

Miller's slogan is..."You can live better. I can help. Let me show you how."

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Cancer Resource Centre