Days of our Lives' Eileen Davidson loves playing Kristen

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Eileen Davidson, Kristen, Days of our LivesEileen Davidson of Days of our Lives said that playing the role of Kristen Di Mera is "fun, exuberating, and exhausting", but think about it, what actress would not want to play her?

"I know! The part is so well written that whatever I'm doing I enjoy doing it," Davidson said. "The character of Kristen has I mean... done it all."

Admitting that someday she'd like to see Kristen give birth, but of course she can't have children. "Wild" and "Can't even imagine" is how Davidson described having a baby would be.

Davidson has been playing the role since the early 1990's, she left the show and is back after being away for over a decade and is ready to give Salem a run for its money.

Faithful viewers remember the brilliant job Davidson did playing, Kristen, Susan, and Sister Mary Moira, all at the same time. And who can forget the teeth of Susan? "(laughing) You know...I must tell you I actually saved the teeth. You know if they brought back those characters in some way, I'd love it," Davidson said. "But I must be honest, right now with the storyline and the way it's going, I don't see it happening."

Davidson is a veteran of the soap opera world. Known also to audiences as Ashley Abbott of Young and Restless, In fact, recently she returned for a few episodes and was doing double duty managing Kristen and Ashley.

Davidson added that since both shows, Days and Young and Restless are Sony shows and someday there may be a possibility of doing this on a permanent basis.

"It is definitely something I'd consider. Since the shows are both Sony, I don't see a problem, but we will see what happens and where it goes."

Soapdom wants to know if you have any message for your long list of fans? "Yes! Thanks for your enthusiasm, and for following me, and being there."

Davidson also has a very active life away from the spot light. She is married to actor and 1970's heartthrob Vincent Van Patten and is the mother of a ten year old son, and two step sons.

"Oh yes! There is a lot of energy in my home," Davidson jokes. Her father-in-law is Dick Van Patton of "Eight is Enough" fame.

Davidson refers to Dick as "a doll".

Davidson is preparing for an upcoming family reunion in New York, where the clan will get together and believe it or not, with all the Hollywood history in the family, Davidson said the business is the last thing they talk about. "I never discuss the Hollywood scene, and neither do they. Its not about that."

Davidson in her spare time loves surfing and is taking guitar lessons, adding that her plate is very full.

How does she do it all? "I must say...I don't know. It's my life. You find time and make allowances."