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Peter Reckell's wife launches new CD.

Kelly Moneymaker, real-life wife of DOOL's Bo, Peter ReckellKelly Moneymaker Guest Stars on DOOL Friday, December 6, 2002

Sings "Can't Live Without Your Love," the Bo and Hope Love Theme

Soapdom's Jessica Radloff caught up with Kelly Moneymaker and real-life husband, Peter Reckell (Bo, DOOL) at the launch party in July, 2002 for Moneymaker's new CD, "Through the Basement Walls." Join Jess Inside the Bubble of this very cool event and tune in Friday, December 6th to see Moneymaker perform on DOOL.

I had never been to a launch party for a new CD before, and therefore, I really didn't know what to expect. But if all CD launches are as unique and fun as this one was for Kelly Moneymaker’s new CD “Though the Basement Walls,” then I'll gladly go again!

Surrounded by friends, family, co-workers and members of the press, Moneymaker and husband Peter Reckell (Bo, DAYS) went to great lengths to ensure that everyone was having a great time. Held at the Zen Restaurant/Club in Silverlake, CA, there was plenty to do before Moneymaker took the stage. Guests mingled, enjoyed the open bar, and congregated around the artists who were giving guests free Henna tattoos.

Peter Reckell (Bo, DOOL)Prior to Moneymaker taking the stage, DAYS publicist, David Sperber, introduced me to Peter Reckell, one of my all-time favorite soap actors. Not wanting to admit that I first watched him when I was about 5-years-old, I instead told him that I was looking forward to watching his wife perform. Acting like the proud husband that he is, you couldn't help but be touched by his love and devotion to Kelly. Peter also inquired about (then still Turtle-Run), and mentioned that he was thrilled with its longevity and creative success.

Shortly thereafter, Moneymaker took the stage, singing various songs from her new CD. The former Expose singer sang for approximately 35-45 minutes, and told the crowd that she has had so many influences in her life. "Everything around us influences us," she said.

Kristian Alfonso (Hope, DOOL) and Peter Reckell (Bo, DOOL)Wearing a long orange fur overcoat with Pucci-style pants, Kelly
looked like a porcelain doll with the excitement and energy of a 4-year-old. She sang a Janis Joplin song, as well as "Can't Live Without Your Love," Bo and Hope's love theme on DAYS. (You can see Kelly perform “Can’t Live Without Your Love” on Days of our Lives Friday, December 6, 2002 when she guest stars in a scene at the Blue Note.)

According to Kelly and Peter's record label, Midnitesun Records, “'Through the Basement Walls'” features the psychedelic colors of Moneymaker's voice--at times soft and raspy, other times throaty and packin' punch. Reminiscent of Joplin, Hendrix, Mitchell with a hint of soul influences, her melodies and melodramas take you on a temporary vacation from reality. Kelly's penetrating lyrics move through your soul and continue to echo through the basement walls." The CD can be purchased at

After Kelly concluded her mini-concert, she jumped off-stage and into the arms of her handsome husband. The couple shared a long embrace before guests began surrounding Kelly to congratulate her in what looked like a Miss America moment. Kelly was extremely gracious, and when I introduced myself, she was thrilled that Soapdom had come out to support her. Not a bad combination: a gal with tons of talent, and a personality to match!

Soapdom wishes Kelly much success with “Through the Basement Walls.”

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