DOOL's Bo & Hope Get Music by Moneymaker

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Days of our Lives keeps the music in the family.

Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Peter Reckell (Bo), DOOL
Moneymaker Guest Stars at the Blue Note in Salem on Friday, December 6th

"Ever since I can remember, and ever since my parents can remember, I've been singing," said Kelly Moneymaker. "I think when I was two years old, I sat on my Dad's lap and told him I was going to grow up and be a singer. I think I am very fortunate that I knew very early on what I wanted to do in my life."

And so are we. Moneymaker, a singer/songwriter is the real-life wife of daytime hottie, Peter Reckell (BO, DOOL). Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Moneymaker found her way down to the lower 48 by the time she was a pre-teen, eventually landing in Los Angeles as a member of the all-girl group, Exposé. She has just released her latest solo CD titled "Through the Basement Walls," featuring the bonus track, "Can't Live Without Your Love," the Bo and Hope theme from Days of our Lives. The theme song aired in its entirety on May 22, 2002, during a Bo and Hope montage when they found out that Zach was indeed Bo's baby. "They played the whole song which is very rare in television," said Moneymaker. "I felt quite honored. It was beautifully done."

Imagine being the wife of one of daytime's hottest stars who also happens to be one half of Bo and Hope, a romantic pairing that maintains supercouple status among DOOL fans, and writing a theme song for your husband as he plays a character in love with another women! But then, who better to know what it would be like to live without the man, then his real-life wife?

Kelly MoneymakerThe idea for the theme song started a while back when DOOL Executive Producer, Ken Corday, heard Moneymaker singing at a Christmas party. "I think I just hopped up on stage and jammed with the band," said Moneymaker. "He kept joking saying that you should sing something for the show. You should be on the show. When are we going to get you on the show?"

Corday continued joking with Moneymaker along those lines and one day, "Peter came home with a Christmas montage of Bo and Hope and we watched it, and I was really inspired because I had this melody floating around in my head for a while and when I saw that episode, the lyrics just came in right away," Moneymaker explained. "I was inspired by my husband's work with another woman, but also my love for him. So, I wrote the lyrics."

The creation of the song gets even better, as not only was it written for Moneymaker's real-life husband's relationship with his fictional character's wife, but it was co-written by the former man in Moneymaker's life!

Kelly Moneymaker"I called a friend of mine, who used to be my ex love, and asked him to write the music with me," said Moneymaker. His name is Stuart Mathis, and he is currently on the road with Jewel performing as her opening act.

"He is such a great guy," said Moneymaker. "So, it's a family affair song. I tried to keep in mind all the characteristics that the fans love about Bo Brady, and Hope and their history together and how much they've loved each other over the years and the changes they've gone through and the challenges that everyone has watched them grow through. And also, the changes in our lives, and what Peter means to me. I tried to keep it all in that idea and convey it in a song."

Moneymaker did just that. The lyrics ring out with romance: "After all we've been through, you know I'll always love you. I want to share my life with my best friend, and I can't live without your love. I'd be so lonely without you. I'd be nothing without you. Baby, I can't live without your love!"

Interesting that when Moneymaker met Reckell, she didn't know who he was. Singing all her life, and just coming off her stint with Exposé, she wasn't that familiar with the world of daytime TV. She was rather cool toward him at first.

Peter Reckell (Bo, DOOL)"We met at charity event in Jackson, Wyoming with Connie Stevens six and a half years ago," she said. "I was performing and Peter was one of the guest celebrities." Reckell, who also has a side career as a singer with a band, heard Moneymaker sing and chased her down.

"Honestly, I wasn't very nice to him in the beginning," Moneymaker confessed. "I was in this space where I just wanted to be alone. I didn't want to date anyone. I wanted to ski alone. He came up to me and I had no idea who he was. He said 'I think you sing wonderfully and I want to hear you again.' I said 'thank you,' and I walked away. He had his work cut out for him! Plus, he had all these screaming women following him around. And I just thought, ah, what does he want with me?"

Famous last words! "This was right at the end of my Exposé contract," said Moneymaker. "When Peter and I started dating it was a celebration for me being out of the contract."

"Through the Basement Walls" CD coverBut Moneymaker still keeps in touch with her bandmates from Exposé. Ann Curless is in New York, but Jeanette Jurado will be joining Moneymaker and singing with her at the release party for the new CD, "Through the Basement Walls," and you can be there too! The CD release party begins at 7:30 PM at Zen's, 2609 Hyperion in the Silverlake section of LA on Saturday, August 24 2002. Tickets are $15.00. Call 1-866-NITESUN to order. Stars from Days of our Lives and other TV celebrities will be in attendance!

If you're not in LA and miss the release party fear not. Moneymaker is scheduled to tape scenes on DOOL, appearing as herself, singing "Can't Live Without Your Love" at the Blue Note as Bo and Hope watch from the audience.

Kelly Moneymaker"I am really honored that they want me on the show," she said. "I was shocked when I played Ken Corday the song, and he loved it right away. The fans have been very supportive. Days fans are very loyal. They have been very supportive of the song and of me being on the show. I really appreciate that. I feel very fortunate and excited. I am a little nervous, too. I am not used to being on camera. I am used to singing and being in front of audiences, but having a camera in front of your face is a little unnerving for me and I am a little out of practice. So that is the only anxiety I have. But I have a great acting coach. I happen to live with a great acting coach, so I think I'll be all right!"

The scenes with Moneymaker are scheduled to air on Friday, December 6, 2002. Stay tuned! The new CD, "Through the Basement Walls," featuring "Can't Live Without Your Love," the Bo and Hope theme song, is available at1-866-NITESUN. It will also be on sale in the top 50 markets coming soon.

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