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Alison Sweeney pens her first book on realife and soaplife

Ali Sweeney Opens Up About the Book, the Actress, and the Character of Sami

DOOL’s Alison Sweeney is busy beyond belief. Tons of stuff happening for Sami on air, and just as much going on for the actress off screen as she travels the country promoting her new book, The Days of My Life (So Far). But Soapdom’s dauntless Mark Edward Wilows doesn’t let a little thing like a busy schedule get in the way of getting Inside the Bubble with Sweeney. Here’s what he found out!

She may not be Dr. Phil, but Alison Sweeney (Sami) of Days of our Lives has just published her first book called “All The Days Of My Life (So Far).” The book is geared toward giving advice to teenagers and young women that go through trials and tribulations in days of their lives.

Sweeney joined Days of our Lives in 1993 as the character of Sami Brady, a rebellious teen that is now a single mother who cares for her son more then life itself. It’s a role that many young females face in their lives and can relate to.

Soapdom wants to know, why did Sweeney decide to write this book? “I wrote this book for the fans. I have so many great fans that mail me letters and post on my site, asking me questions, and share their lives with me. They tell me their problems,” Sweeney said. “I wanted to do the same thing. This book answers everyone’s questions...I hope!”

“All The Days of My Life (So Far)” is a book where Sweeney brings the reader into her personal life, showing the things that she has endured like her struggle with weight.

“I also tell about my life. Growing up in Hollywood, auditioning as a little kid,” Sweeney said. “I talk about Days, how I got the job, what it’s like here, and I tell behind-the-scenes stories about my experiences over the last 11 years.”

“All The Days of My Life (So Far)” is a packed 288-page book with a variety of topics like Boys to Men and Friendships and Relationships. You will find pictures of Sweeney from a little girl to her marriage. There are photos of cast members, and pictures of magazine covers that she has appeared on over the years. You’ll also find out what the average day is like on the set. There’s even a photo taken with basketball great Shaquille O’Neil when he visited the Days set (incidentally O’Neil is a big Days fan).

The book came about when John Scognamiglio, editorial director at Kensington Publishing (publishers of book), received a news letter from Sweeney’s literary agent. “It peaked my curiosity. I loved the idea for the book,” Scognaniglio said. “I’m also a huge Days fan. I love Alison’s hidden secrets that are revealed (in the book). It’s an important book with important messages for young gals up to adults.”

Sweeney said the book took about two years to write from start to finish. She had someone help her organize her thoughts and structure the book, but the stories are written in her own voice.

“I came up with the idea, found a literary agent, and went from there. The actual writing took about nine months and another three months to edit,” Sweeney said. “But I have to tell you...I loved it. It was a lot of work. But it was a great experience. I learned a lot about myself, and had a great time remembering the stories that I am able to share with the fans.”

Sweeney said that playing the character of Sami is “so much fun.” She especially enjoys all the outrageous things that she (Sami) gets to do, and the crazy schemes that she comes up with to bring excitement and thrill to the job.

Sweeney doesn’t see Sami as “always mean.” On the contrary, she believes that Sami has a lot of different sides to her personality, and every character that she works with brings out those different sides.

“I wish she (Sami) would only think before she speaks. I think Sami suffers from foot-in-the-mouth disease," Sweeney joked. “Sami lashes out based on her emotions, but then in part that is who she is, and in the book I stress that it is important that you are who you are. That message is real important.”

Sweeney quotes in the book to her parents. ..“To Mom and Papa, my intelligent and talented parents, who taught me to embrace life and always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.” (The message Sweeney conveys to the reader).

Sweeney has already started a book tour, and said that it is such fun meeting the fans, and hearing their reactions to the book. “That’s definitely the best part of writing-the positive feedback.”

In the book, as in life, Sweeney acknowledges the people that have helped her, saying, “Like sands through the hourglass, I thank all of you for the days of my far!”

To order, or find out the cities Sweeney will be visiting go to:

Plus, the book is available at bookstores and through the stores online. Price: $15.00 (USA);$21.00 (Canada)

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