DOOL Star Shines with Hollywood Icon

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Days' Nadia Bjorlin and Movie Star Bruce Willis


 hspace=5 xsrc=For as long as I can remember, Bruce Willis, mega box office star of Die Hard, The Sixth Sense, and tons of other feature films and television, has been linked with exotic brunettes.  One of his first pairings that I can recall was Sherry Rivera, ex wife of Geraldo Rivera, who introduced Bruce to his agent and the rest as they say is history.  He was tied with Linda Fiorentino (The Last Seduction, Vision Quest) early on, and was/is friends with Dana Delaney (China Beach).   His marriage to Demi Moore boosted her career from a Brat Packer ensemble actor to getting a record $12 million for her role in Striptease.  Since his divorce from Moore, he has had relationships with a number of stunning dark-haired beauties, whose names’ escape me.  But now --  he is dating one of daytime’s most exotic and gorgeous brunettes, none other than our very own, 24-year old Nadia Bjorlin (Chole, DOOL).

It is reported that Bjorlin met Willis at a Japanese restaurant in West Hollywood and they’ve been seeing each other ever since.  On Wednesday, December 8, 2004, she arrived in the limo with his family for the Los Angeles premiere of Ocean’s Twelve at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA. Willis has a small cameo in the film where he plays himself.  Buzz is that Willis is no stranger to the Ocean’s films.  He was originally slated to star in Ocean’s Eleven as Terry Benedict, but dropped out.  Andy Garcia -- another personal favorite -- then took on the role of Terry Benedict.

 hspace=10 xsrc=I read an article in USA Today that reviewed the red carpet arrivals for Ocean’s Twelve.  Apparently, Matt Damon, who stars in the film, did a double take as Nadia Bjorlin walked the red carpet in her form-fitting, fire-engine red feather and peek-a-boo gown which was designed by Mark Zunino for Nolan Miller.  Also on the red carpet was Bjorlin’s Days co-star, Matt Cedeno (Brandon).  Cedeno was not aware that Bjorlin was dating Willis.  He noted Willis’ charisma, but also implied that Bjorlin was a little on the young side compared to Willis.

Willis, 49, has had some experience with dating soap actresses.  His wife of eleven years, Demi Moore, got her start playing the role of Jackie Templeton on General Hospital. On Bruce Willis, Bjorlin is quoted as saying: “He is very sexy.  Men who look like real men are sexy … as are a lot of the men in this movie (Ocean’s Twelve).”  Bjorlin also says Willis is a lot of fun.  I couldn’t agree with her more!  In fact, I will go on record as saying I have always dug Bruce Willis. From his Seagrams Golden Wine Cooler commercials to Moonlighting to Die Hard to his guest spot on Friends, and to his playing the blues, Willis rocks, far as I’m concerned.  Go Bruno. But I digress…

 hspace=5 xsrc=In the fiction-meets-real-life department, I can't help but think about Willis in Blake Edward's Blind Date.  Kim Bassinger played his co-star, whose name was Nadia in the film.  "Nadia, come to me my little minx," Willis' character Walter Davis called out in a drunken stupor. LOL

The Willis-Bjorlin paring raises an interesting question. Look what dating (and ultimately marrying Willis) did for Demi Moore’s career.  Could an affiliation with Mr. Die Hard get Bjorlin noticed by more than just soap fans?  She has returned to Days of our Lives indefinitely, but she has not signed a contract.  That’s her doing.  Looks like she’s leaving her options open. And why not?  I’d love to see Bjorlin on the big screen. She is one sweet, stunning, and talented brunette.  She’s caught the eye of Bruce Willis. What Hollywood producer or major studio will be next?


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Nadia Bjorlin at the Ocean's Twelve Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. Her fire-engine red feather and peek-a-boo gown was designed by Mark Zunino for Nolan Miller.