DOOL Set-Side Celebration for Topping Ratings

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Days of our Lives bubbles over with ratings and celebrates.

Frances Reid (Alice) and Ken Corday, DOOL EP  Photo: LMSJoin Soapdom way down Inside the Bubble™ of the set-side celebration as Days of our Lives commemorated its 13-week winning ratings streak. Find out exactly who said what to whom as network executives, studio big wigs, and Days of our Lives Executive Producer Ken Corday offered congratulations to cast and crew for a job well done.


On June 21, 2002, Days of our Lives celebrated their 13-week winning ratings streak. The Days of our Lives stage at NBC's Burbank, CA studios was decked with refreshments and the most amazing "Days is #1" sheetcake you've ever seen. While waiting for the shooting crew and cast to break for lunch, members of the press mingled with the writers, producers, and the other cast members who were not working in that particular scene. Lunch was called and we were invited to enter the sound stage and encircle the commemorative cake.

Ken Corday, Days of our Lives executive producer, was the first to take the microphone. He introduced NBC Vice President of Daytime Programming, Sheraton Kalouria saying that Kalouria is very happy for DOOL and for the network. Kalouria was brief but elated:

"It's always nice to be here on happy occasions and nothing is more happy than to be at the top of the ratings heap. And the man that I know considers this his favorite soap opera, is the President of NBC, Jeff Zucker.

Zucker thanked Kalouria and addressed the assembled throng:

"I don't get over here often," he said, "but every time I come over, it's for a great reason. As Ken said, earlier this year we had a lot to celebrate (in winning the People's Choice Award) and right now we have so much to celebrate. You guys should feel great! I talk to Sheraton every week about this and we are so thrilled, so THRILLED with the performance of this show. It's been an unbelievable run. I ask Sheraton every week: Are we gonna do it again this week? The new writing team, Ken's entire team, you guys are just amazing!"

Ken Corday (DOOL, EP), Jeff Zuckor (NBC Prez) Photo:  LMSA big round of applause from the crowd as Zucker continued: "(The storytelling) has been amazing since the wedding. Let me just say that I am glad the Last Blast is done so that now my staff will go back and answer the phones! (Giggles around). It's been fantastic and it's really paid off. For 13 weeks in a row means that this show is not just No. 1, it's a dominant number 1. NBC is number 1 in daytime for the first time in 22 years! (Big applause) It really means a lot to us. It is really important to us. I hope you understand that. The commitment we made to promotion in prime time, promoting these great stories. I hope that you were able to see the sign on the side of the building. It's a statement from us to show how important you are to us. I just wanted to come over here to say thank you and to let you know that we appreciate what you've done, and to welcome back some old friends, and to say congratulations on a great run and to continue the success. Sheraton's assured me it's going to be a great summer, and we will be supporting you all and supporting the show and that will continue. So congratulations again, thank you, and now I am going to ask Steve Mosko from Columbia to come up and say a few words as well. Congratulations everybody!"

Another major round of applause as Columbia TriStar Television Programming executive, Steve Mosko, took the microphone.

"The great thing is that we are in great hands with Jeff and his team," said Mosko. "You hear about promotion and the support the network has given the show. It is just fantastic. When you look at daytime, 90% of the shows in daytime, the ratings are going down. These ratings are going up, we're number 1. Daytime is the most competitive daypart of all the dayparts, because you are competing with the greatest number of shows. 18-49 is the most competitive place. We (Columbia) are so proud to be a part of the show. Jeff thank you. Ken thank you for your hard work. I just hope this isn't the last time we are doing this celebration. I hope that next year, at the same time, we'll be doing this celebration again. TriStar, Columbia and Sony thank you for your hard work."

JPI Photographer snaps photos as Arianne Zukor (Nicole) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) look on.  Photo: LMSMosko turned the microphone back over to Days of our Lives EP, Ken Corday. "Thank you Mr. Zucker for the cake, which is kind of a first," said Corday. "It comes at the right time. I believe that there was only one week (since Jan 1) when we weren't Number 1. That was the week of April Fools! That's quite a roll. And we all knew back (last) Christmastime that there was a little doubt about the transition we were about to go through. As my mom and dad said, 'you are only good as your last show.' We can pat ourselves on the back and say we've had a great six months, but it would be remiss of me to stand up here and not mention a few people who have taken the ball these past six months and have done an amazing job and I would just like them to take a bow."

Corday acknowledged new co-headwriters, Peter Brash and Paula Cwikly who received a big round of applause, along with whoops and hollers from the cast!

"And we do have some new faces and new, new faces," Corday continued after the applause died down. "Our new producer, Roy Steinberg, who has made a great impression on all of us. The two, new, new faces that we should give a warm welcome to are the Gemini twins. Alexis Thorpe and Eric Winter! Wecome to the cast."

Another round of applause as Corday continued: "…and it does seem like old home week because I am looking at two people who have pictures in their attic that get older but they don't. Lisa Rinna and Thaao Phengis. I am so happy that Lisa and Thaao are back." More applause! "So, stay tuned," Corday hinted. "I think the next six months are going to be even better than the last!"

Corday then invited Frances Reid, "our matriarch," as he called her, to come up and help him cut the cake. As Corday and Reid cut the first slice, Corday declared with exuberance: "To the next 38 years!"

Soapdom congratulates Days of our Lives!



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