Days of our Lives "Better Living" a must have book

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Days of our Lives:  Better LivingLooking for that perfect holiday stocking stuffer? Or just the right gift? Well! Look no further than the latest book from Days of our Lives called, " Better Living." The book takes you into the private lives of the stars as they share tips and pointers on how to improve the quality of your life as well as their own. The book features current and former cast members.

"Better Living" was written by Greg Meng, Sr. Vice president of Corday productions, Inc. and Co-Executive producer of Days of our Lives.

"Better Living" is Meng's second publication in the last few years. The first was Days of our Lives 45 Years: A Celebration in Photos, a spectacular book taking you behind the scenes of NBC's high-rated daytime drama. This book is guaranteed to make you feel like you had a personal tour of the set, and features shots not seen on TV.

"I want everyone to know that this book (Better Living) has the actors' input. It is showing that the people that you watch everyday on television are real people that have to take care of themselves like everyone else, "Meng said. "It's also a way of giving back. It shows they are all well-rounded individuals. It's not Hollywood."

"Better Living" has over 300 pages of never before seen pictures of the cast, as well as information on health, nutrition, beauty, inspiration, balance, and even hair and make-up tips, and different exercise styles that can be incorporated into everyday life. It teaches about mind and body, along with great healthy recipes.

"Better Living" was recently released and the cast has been touring the country signing copies and taking pictures, answering questions, and of course...meeting the fans.

During a recent visit to Anderson's Book Store in Naperville, Il., Deidre Hall (Marlena), Galen Gering, (Rafe), Freddie Smith (Sonny), and Chrishell Stause (Jordan) were greeted by hundreds of devoted Days of our Lives fans waiting to get their book and see their favorite star. The lines extended from the front to the back of the store.

"I love this. We have been traveling. I loved Boston and now Chicago," Galen Gering said. "It is wonderful to get out and meet the fans. I mean look around. Isn't this great!"

Michael Grasso, a longtime fan, traveled from Erie, PA to meet Freddie and Deidre. "They look beautiful. I have to tell you that this is a dream. Deidre hasn't changed a bit, in fact she looks better than ever. Also I must say that I'm glancing through the book and I love what I see."

Renee Svec of Lake Bluff, Il., follows Days of our Lives wherever they go. "They (the actors) are such friendly, down to earth people. I love them," she said. "I love the book. It's the greatest with tips that are realistic. This book is fabulous. And Yes! So are the stars. They look better in person."

Deidre Hall agrees on the book. "I thought this book was a great idea. It's about getting inspired and getting real answers. This book is not about gossip, and it teaches about life, staying fit and looking good." she said. "This is about respecting your body. Get sleep, and staying healthy. And I want everyone to know that the secret is there is no magic, but you go and do it."

Soapdom's Mark Edward Wilows with Days of our Lives' Gred MengMeng said the book has the actors' input. They put what they want in the book. "Better Living" is a lifestyle book. The book was originally to be paperback, but instead it was published beautifully with fabulous illustrations into a 'coffee table book.'

Meng takes putting together a book serious business. "I have these ideas for years. I pitch them to the publisher and then I go from there," he said. "I always like to do a book to get many people involved. To share, but mostly it's about giving back to the fans and taking them behind the scenes."

For every book purchased, a dollar will be donated to the American Cancer Society. "Better Living" has generated positive feedback from not only Days of our Lives fans, but from people that have never watched the show.

"I never have, but hate to admit it. I have been a surgical nurse for 40 years and just never had time," said Margaret Albright, of North Chicago. "I have to say this book is fantastic. If I can look like the stars, especially Deidre Hall, then it's worth every penny (laughing). This book is really a book on a healthier life and lifestyle. Now I no longer have to tell patients. I will say...pick up this book."

Meng already has ideas in mind for a third book, but said it is too early to talk about. He added that the book will again be for the fans and something that will be unique. As they say in the soap opera world...Stay Tuned!

"Better Living" is available at all major book stores, as well as better and