Days of our Lives Meredith Scott Lynn is tantalized by Anne

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Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne, Days of our Lives)Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne Milbauer) of Days of our Lives said that she would be the first to admit that her character is all about "being wrong."

"Oh my God... yes! It's fun and tantalizing to play her, but let's face it, I myself cannot believe the things she has done and is doing. If this was real-life, she wouldn't go very far."

However, Lynn admits that every script she picks up is always interesting to see what old Anne will be up to today, or who she may be out to destroy.

Regular viewers know that she is out to destroy Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves), but you may ask why? "Oh come on! I mean she has everything. She was born with a silver spoon," Lynn said. "Anne is aggressive. She is a fighter. And I get nothing. Jennifer just walks in and it is handed to her. I must destroy her."

Lynn has an extensive resume, including appearances on Law and Order: LA, NCIS: Los Angeles, to name a few as well as many movies including, Legally Blonde. Days of our Lives is her first venture into the soap opera world.

"I love it. It is so professional, but moves so fast it blows me away," Lynn said. "In movies you have a lot of time. In primetime, you have many takes, but here the process is go and do. I have much respect for this medium. I also love the instant gratification that you get after completing every scene. With movies they move so slow that there is no satisfaction until you see it."

Lynn's role came about while appearing in a play in Los Angeles that was written by the great writer/director/producer, Liz Sarnoff. She said that the casting director, Marnie Siatta of Days of our Lives, happened to be in the audience and invited her to come aboard for three episodes. It has now blossomed into a job.

"Who would of thought? I'm so grateful to be working on this show," Lynn said. "This role was just basically offered and here I am."

Lynn is also quite the entrepreneur. She is writing and producing children's books and is forming her own publishing company. She is single and jokingly said that you may send her your profile. She said that her two nieces, Lila and Ivy, are the joy of her life.

Soapdom wants to know:   What do you want your fans to know about you? "Well (laughing) first...I am no way like Anne. I have many friends and I work hard. And I'm trying to be a very successful entrepreneur

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