Days of our Lives: Lauren Koslow loves feeding the animals

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Lauren Koslow (Kate, Days of our Lives)"Just call me farm girl," is how Lauren Koslow, (Kate, Days of our Lives), describes her time away from the set.

"I live on a farm on the outskirts of town. I have a long commute to the studio, but I love living on the farm," Koslow said "You can not beat the tranquility and the stress level is low. My home is complete with farm animals (horses, chickens, goats) that I actually feed, and I grow vegetables. I also want to add that my list of animals is growing, and I do live in paradise."

Koslow has been playing the vivacious and vindictive Kate Roberts/DiMeara since 1996 and said that she is quite the opposite of her character. First she said that playing Kate, whom she calls a "Bad ass" type, is usually reserved for guys, but she loves tackling the part, especially she said, when going up against Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).

"I think Kate is fabulous! She is adventurous, and honestly, I never thought I'd be playing her this long, but I love it! I believe in staying busy and productive. I like Kate being a female that gets to explore."

Lauren Koslow (Kate, Days of our Lives)In real life, she is happily married, loves to cook, and she spends time on weekends selling her home grown vegetables at markets and living a real normal down to earth life.

"There is something about this type of life I love, "Koslow explains. "I enjoy getting out and meeting people. It also renews and invigorates me as an actress. I also like the country verses city. I like the mountains that remind me of Tuscany. I feel like I'm recreating Italy, which I love." Koslow is an avid traveler.

Koslow through the years not only has become more beautiful, but she takes pride in her appearance. Perhaps it's her college degree in Costume Design? "I do. Clothes make the lady and so does the hair," Koslow explains. "I believe hair is an expression and I like mine to be expressive (laughing). I like the highlights."

Koslow also likes her make-up and why not? Her husband, Nick Schillace was recently hired by Days of our Lives as the make-up artist. Koslow enjoys doing her own make-up and also believes it should be an expression. She added that she likes Kate to be toned down and more natural and in life she likes the natural and realistic look. She believes less is more (beauty), and at home she wears lite make-up.

Lauren Koslow's chickens (Kate, Days of our Lives)Koslow is proud to be a part of Days of our Lives and it's longevity and history, "I am. This show has had a remarkable run and that is in part of the viewers and the people that have put in the hard work to make this possible, from cast to crew to everyone involved."

Soapdom wants to know if you have anything to say to your fans? "I love you with all my heart. I love to hear from you. I do read everything and tweet back. I want to hear what you have to say. I enjoy the communication. I look forward to it."

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Lauren Koslow (Kate, Days of our Lives)

Lauren Koslow (Kate, Days of our Lives)

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