Days of our Lives' Jen Lilley likes to play mean

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Jen Lilley (Theresa, Days of our Lives)Playing Salem's newest 'bad girl' is just fine with Jen Lilley. Lilley is having the time of her life playing Theresa Donovan, Kim and Shane's daughter (Patsy Peace and Charles Shaughnessy), a sassy, brassy, but yet oh so classy lady.

Her first episode spoke volumes that Theresa is not to be trusted, she is a person with antics and schemes up her sleeve. But she has a unique way of covering them up and is full of mystery and mystic. And keep in mind that when she was born her birth name was Jeannie, and now she prefers Theresa. Wonder why? Interesting!

"I find this a lot of fun and very challenging. This is the best role I've had," Lilley shared with Soapdom. "I will tell you, Theresa has layers and a history. She has a lot of depth and is a colorful character."

Lilley jokingly added that in real life the only qualities she shares with Theresa is that they are the same height and wear the same shoe size, and said that not even their hair color is the same. In fact, she admits that in life she is not as aggressive as her character and attributes her attitude to the acting coach (Maria O’Brien) that helps her get into the b-----y mode.

The stunning looking actress won the role after auditioning for another part, which she really wanted, but did not get. But the casting director remembered her and then the role of Theresa was given to her and she believes this part was written with her in mind.

Growing up in Virginia, Lilley took acting classes and was sort of drawn into the profession. “I grew up in a family of teachers and lawyers, I on the other hand wanted something else,” she explains. “Believe it or not, I was shy! I had stage fright. But I thought hey, I better put the pedal to the metal and get going in the business before I get old and wrinkled and decided to head to Los Angeles."

Lilley recalled early in her career going on an audition for a feature film and she booked it, and didn’t even want it. “I was like…Oh my God!!! What did I get into? But anyway, now here I am and I love what I do.” she said.

Lilley confessed that she is obsessed with Days of our Lives, and can’t wait until she gets the script to see what is next and she even faithfully watches the show. “I know I do! (Laughing). It may sound strange, but I really am into the show and to be a part of it is even more amazing. And I always check myself and my work and always want to be better.”

As for Theresa, Lilley hopes to see the character turn even more evil and mean and hopes those layers begin to unravel, saying that it makes for interesting drama.

Outside of the business, Lilley enjoys staying busy and said that she wants it all. Currently she is writing a children’s book and is doing the illustrations. She would like to design clothes, maybe host a show on HGTV, and do whatever comes her way and would like to be like Alison Sweeney (Sami), adding that she is very accomplished.

Soapdom wants to know if there is a message to your fans? “Thank You Fans. And remember that no matter your background, if you can dream it, you can do it.”

Connect with Jen Lilley on Twitter: @jen_lilley

Jen Lilley will also be in Chicago and Atlanta along with Chandler Massey, Blake Berris, and Casey Deidrick on August 24th and 25th. The Chicago event will be hosted by yours truly.