Days of our Lives Guy Wilson: playing Will is a dream come true

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Guy Wilson, Will, Days of our LivesThe day Guy Wilson stepped in to play Will Horton, a beloved gay character on Days of our Lives, it was a day that his dream came true. "Oh without a doubt. I remember driving in and pulling into the lot. I kept thinking this is cool!" Wilson said. "Then when I got on the soundstage with the cameras and the lights started going on, I was like getting a little nervous. It was all surreal."

Did he have reason to be nervous? Of course! Not only is Will a coveted role to the show, but the part was previously played by Chandler Massey, who has won two Emmy Awards portraying Will. But for Wilson it is a job going to work. Massey left this past August to go back to college.

"Yes! I have to tell you. Chandler created and took the role to big heights, but I'm not out to copy or look back. I'm here to do a job. A job I was hired for," Wilson explains. "This is a business. I will do the best job that I can. I want to reinvent Will. I want to be instrumental and play him more mature and masculine."

Wilson admitted that before he won the role, he was known to Days of our Lives, as he auditioned for them before. "I have been called in many times and read for other roles, and Yes! They (Powers that be) remembered me," Wilson said. "My getting the role was sort of non-traditional. They (show) reached out and contacted my representatives and I was told to come in. I tested and they wanted to see my chemistry with Freddie Smith (Sonny)."

Wilson also said that his audition was rather the unusual. When he arrived, he was the only actor. Usually when a part is cast several actors are there. "I was the only one. I was the only one in mind for the part. I expected to see others, and when I walked in, I was like...where is everyone?"

He hinted that he was a binge (occasional) watcher of Days of our Lives prior to joining the cast, and said it was much easier to fall into the story. He added that the cast could of not been more welcoming, saying Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Alison Sweeney (Sami) have vibrant personalities and every day he learns something new from them.

Wilson sees a lot of great story ahead for Will and Sonny, and hinted that there may be a wedding, but also said that in the world of daytime drama, you never know. "I would like to see us married, but I'd like some turns," Wilson said. "An example...I would love to see one of us have a dark edge. I think that would be interesting! I'd like to see the family grow."

Wilson said that playing Will means a lot to him and also the LGBT (gay) community. Saying that this role to him is very personal. "I would like someday in my life, where this (being gay) is not an issue. I would like people to be more open minded. I want this story to have a social impact. And as for the role of Will, it is for me a life changing role. There is also a long way to go for rights, and I still see a long road ahead. Watching the Olympics in Sochi, things are the opposite out there on acceptance."

Wilson has appeared on shows like Breaking Bad, Hawaii Five-O, and Bones to name a few. His plans are to remain in the business and explore it. "I must tell you...I love this job and Days of our Lives. I really love the entertainment business. Let's just say (laughing) I'm married to the game. Also with entertainment becoming global, there is much to explore."

Wilson was born in San Francisco and is probably the biggest sports fan around, especially the 49er's. As a hobby he is into fantasy baseball, saying that everyone is into fantasy football, but baseball is his game.

Soapdom wants to know if there is anything you'd want to tell your fans? "Yes! You have my deep warm appreciation for staying with the story, loving it, and offering support. That means a lot to me. Thanks for being there. I will not disappoint you."