Days of our Lives Freddie Smith touring the country and endorsing a great product

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Freddie Smith (Sonny, Days of our Lives)Looking good and feeling good and younger is what Freddie Smith (Sonny, Days of our Lives) is telling people and showing them results with a product called Nerium.

Smith has been touring the country and recently was in Chicago and Valparaiso, Indiana., spreading the word. Nerium is an anti aging cream that was first developed as a cream for skin cancer, but found to be ineffective. Then it was discovered that it worked miracles as an anti-aging cream.

The cream is Government patented. It is organic, and there is no animal cruelty involved in the making of the cream.

Smith did a slide show presentation to an audience of fans and people that are interested in the product.

In addition, fans get to meet and greet Freddie, who is so personable and then they got to have lunch with the actor and just chat.

"I want everyone to know that before I decided to be a spokesperson and buy in as a brand partner, I did my research," Smith said. "I heard about Nerium and contacted the company and wanted to become involved."

Smith added that he uses the cream himself, saying that he is a 26 year-old man, but it is never too early to start to look better.

The cream can be used on neck, face, arms, back of hands, with outstanding results.

"I want you to know that this is a great company with a great product," Smith explained. "As a brand partner doing so well, I received a Lexus car from them. They treat people well, including those that use the product. There are great bonuses in becoming a part of this company, and they foster a philosophy for self improvement and success."

Freddie Smith (Sonny, Days of our Lives) gives a slide presentation on Nerium

Smith said there are three ways to become involved. First: You can purchase as retail. Second: You can purchase as a preferred customer (means you will get product automatically sent monthly at a reduced price). Third: Become a branding partner (Two different dollar amounts to invest and market and promote the product).

Nerium is all done electrically. It is online sales. Christine Cowger, a regional marketing director for Nerium for seven weeks is thrilled to be aboard. "I was always interested in such a product with proven results. I once was in contact with a lady that developed other skin care products that come no where near to Nerium." Cowger said. "When I saw Freddie and the product, it peaked again my interest and here I am. And I may add that Freddie is amazing and a phenomenal leader."

Smith is so confident that his own family members have become involved. "Yes! I got my Grandma, my Aunt, Mom and Dad and Cousins are all distributors," he said. "It's not only fun, but I love to help others become successful."

Jen Arlen of Minneapolis came to Chicago to meet Freddie, but said the product sounds so wonderful she ordered several bottles. "I thought I'd give it a try. Hey! We all want to look better, right?"

Debbie Brodsky of Deerfield, Il., is seriously thinking of promoting the product. "I watched Freddie talk about this product, and I'm very interested. Everything that he has said has just seemed very interesting."

Smith added that being an actor has nothing to do with his promoting, but explained that it is for anyone, and he said that he loves to be a part of something and loves the idea of giving back.

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Freddie Smith (Sonny, Days of our Lives) and Soapdom's Mark Edward Wilows