Days of our Lives Daniel Cosgrove is the mystery man

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Daniel Cosgrove, Aiden Jennings, Days of our LivesAs Aiden Jennings on Days of our Lives, he is the man of mystery. As Daniel Cosgrove, he loves playing the man of mystery.

"I do. And he (Aiden) is the man of mystery and being able to play him is fun," Cosgrove said. "I love his dark side. I have been on other shows and played the goody guy, and I am really enjoying this role."

Cosgrove also likes the fact that his character was not thrown right into a scene, but rather eased in. "Little by little more is revealed about Aiden. I like it that way. Shock is good (laughing). I love the fact that he goes one step forward and two steps back," he said.

Cosgrove added, the dark side is the fun side. Aiden is a buttoned up character and it will be interesting to see just what makes him tick, or should we say see the looser side of him?

Cosgrove also was thrown in with heavy hitter, Kristian Alfonso (Hope), and what is it like working with her?

"I have to tell you...Kristian is fantastic. She is great! She still asks the best of herself," Cosgrove said. "I also have to say that she is one prepared lady on set. It is never half-step, but she is always ready to go."

Cosgrove jokingly said that his character and Alfonso's are not exactly friends and said the most interesting conversation the two have had, or the most civilized, was about a bake sale. How far will this tit for tat go? Tune in tomorrow.

Cosgrove is a veteran of the soap opera genre having appeared on All My Children (Scott Chandler) and Guiding Light (Bill Lewis) and As The World Turns (Chris Hughes).  He also guest starred on many prime time shows and said he is proud to be a part of the Days of our Lives family.

"You know...I live on the East coast and travel to Los Angeles for the show, but I love it. I will not complain. It is a job," Cosgrove said. "Days is a beautiful group of people and talented. This show has history. It's multi-generational. You watched it with grandma."

Cosgrove said that he likes the fast pace of the soap opera world, and that is why he comes back to it. It is great work and a wonderful place to be.

Away from the suds world, Cosgrove is married and the father of four kids, and is very involved in their lives.

"Oh without a doubt. While I'm here in LA, I'm always texting and sending videos and when I'm home, I'm there with the wife and kids," Cosgrove said. I pursue all their activities and have been to a lot of ballet recitals."

Soapdom wants to know... what your fans would be shocked to know about you, and any message that you have for them? "Nothing would shock them about me (laughing), and as for my message to my fans, well I want to thank all two of you and I hope I can continue to be a part of a great story. Keep watching!"

Cosgrove has been the entertainment business for 18 years and said that he would like to try everything in the business. "I want to be more creative. I want to accomplish a lot in the business," Cosgrove said "And then on some days I would love to move to the mountains and rethink just what is important in life."

Cosgrove also sneaked in that in today's world of social media, he is proud to say that he is not a part of it and loves not having the pressure, but said that maybe some day he may give it a try. "Some day!"