Days of our Lives Casey Moss rocks Hollywood

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Casey Moss (JJ, Days of our Lives, Eyes of One)Get ready! Hollywood is going to rock on July 24th more than it normally does, as Casey Moss (JJ, Days of our Lives) brings his band to town for an appearance.

Moss along with music partner, Andy Weissberg, and their band called "Eyes of One," will be doing their first official concert, as they will be the opening act for Fozzy's CD release party.

"Yes! I'm am excited. Our very first show. It's awesome, Moss said. "This band has been going on for a little over a year, and now we can officially say we are performing, and opening for Fozzy? Wow!"

Weissberg agrees. "Casey and I have worked hard throughout the year, and now will be our time to go out there."

Moss and Weissberg became aquainted and it was an instant friendship. Weissberg was like 'lets start a band' and Moss was like 'OK.'

Moss explained the name of the band, Eyes of One, means one vision. Both Moss and Weissberg see the same image. And what is the image? To bring back Rock and Roll! "You know, I truly believe it died," Moss said. "I really want to do something about this, so here we are."

Moss and Weissberg both admitted that they love Rock and Roll from the late 1970's, early 80's and 90's, and said they have so many favorite artists it would be hard to choose.

Moss is no stranger to music, he has been playing guitar since 11 years old, and has some tunes on You Tube and is in current talk with Days of our Lives to do some guitar playing and bring his music to the show, and said that to date, things in that regard are "looking good."

Casey Moss (JJ, Days of our Lives) and Andy Weissberg, Eyes of One

Moss and Weissberg both said that starting a band takes much dedication and practice. They do their thing in a studio in Burbank, and are currently in the process of recording a ten song album with hopes of being released soon.

Moss said that he loves Days of our Lives and wants to continue acting, but also wants a full blown music career. "I want to do acting and music together. This is my long term goal. Another goal I want is to hopefully get popular and take the band across the country."

Moss and Weissberg said that on stage they are in outfits and work with a Los Angeles designer from a place called "Forgotton Saints LA," who get them in gear. "I want everyone to know this lady is terrific. She has a great look for bands, and works with many pros like Motley Crue, to name a few." Moss added.

So come out and see the guys and have a great time. "You want to get your face rocked off? Then come see us." Moss and Weissberg joked.

Whisky A Go Go
8901 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood

Thursday July 24th at 7:45 PM



Eyes of One

Forgotten Saints LA