Days of our Lives Casey Moss and Eyes of One at the Whisky

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Casey Moss (Days of our Lives, JJ -- Eyes of One)What a fun night out! Casey Moss (JJ, Days of our Lives) and his band, Eyes of One, hit West Hollywood last night for their first ever live performance and where better to hit the ground running than at the world famous Whisky A-GoGo. The Whisky, home to such top bands as Van Halen, The Doors, The Byrds, Neil Young, Steven Stills, Buffalo Springfield, The Lovin' Spoonful, Neil Diamond and many others, is now also the venue that debuted the amazing singing talents of Moss and the musical stylings of his band.

"Casey didn't want to sing at first," said band co-founder Andy Weissberg (lead/rhythm guitar). "He and I were part of this other band about a year ago. We came on as the guitar players. We hit it off right away and became friends. He played lead and I played rhythm. He didn't sing at all. But then I heard him sing something once and convinced him he should be singing. It took me four months, but he finally agreed."

Once Moss was on board as lead singer, he and Weissberg broke off from the original band and started Eyes of One. "We wrote alone together for three or four months, then we brought Joe (Herrera, the drummer) on board," shared Weissberg.

The bass player, Justin ("MoFo") Miller was the last to join. "They held auditions for a bass player and here I am," Miller glibbed.

Eyes of One - Casey Moss, Andy Weissberg, Justin Miller, Tony Herrera

The four guys share a love of hard rock — bordering on heavy metal — and a great camaraderie. It was clear they were having a blast last night. And OMG, can Casey Moss sing! Wow. Just wow. He's as good or, dare I say it, better voice and delivery than any hard rock singer out there. Miller just flies on that bass, and Weissberg's soloing is quite memorable. Herrera on the drums really rocks the house and keeps the whole band together. It's so important to have a solid, hard hitting drummer to drive the band. Eyes of One definitely has that in Herrera.

As previously revealed to Soapdom here, the band got its name from the fact that both Moss and Weissberg shared an identical vision — to bring back 80s-90s Rock and Roll. And they are doing just that.

The marquis at The Whisky featuring Eyes of One

They performed six original songs last night and each one rocked the house. I, for one, was disappointed when their set was over, but must admit, it was so sweet every time i got a big hug from Casey. He is too adorable for words.

Interestingly, the band only had one rehearsal prior to the night's performance, and that was about four days ago. Most of the songs were completed just three weeks ago! "I have the text messages to prove that," said Miller.

So what did they do to warm up before showtime? "We were listening to Limp Bizkit," shared Moss. "And don't say anything, but we also had Miley Cyrus on!" All the guys erupted in mega laughter at that comment, as did the rest of us who heard it. "What Myley Cyrus song?" my inquiring cyber mind wanted to know. "Wrecking ball," they blurted out. And then, Moss immediately went into his rendition. Command performance, that. LOL

Eyes of One on stage at The Whisky

Soapdom spoke to the guys after their set ended, outside the Whisky on the corner of Sunset and San Vicente. It was too noisy and hot inside for interviews. They were still on a mega high with adrenaline pumping thanks to the performance. Moss was reveling in the experience. "Dude, I am f-ing invigorated right now. It's a blast. Seeing people jumping (around) and stuff? It was what I was meant to do. It's what I live for!"

Other stars from Days of our Lives came down to the Whisky to show their support. We caught up with Shawn Christian (Dr. Daniel) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole), as well as Eric Martsolf (Brady).

Shawn Christian (Daniel) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole) Days of our Lives at the Whisky

Eyes of One is working on completing tracks for their first CD. To keep up with the band visit them at Eyes of One. And be sure to tune in to Days of our Lives weekdays to keep up with Casey Moss as JJ continues his antics in Salem.

Casey Moss (JJ, Days of our Lives) rocking at the Whisky with Eyes of One