Days of our Lives' Brendan Michael Coughlin enjoys playing Tad and being a new dad

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Brendan Michael Coughlin (Tad, Days of our Lives)When asked what it is like to play Tad on Days of our Lives, Brendan Michael Coughlin shouts exuberantly, "I love him!"

Coughlin has been playing the so-called behind the scenes instigator for the last two years. He has no family that is ever mentioned on the show, but he is there. He came on as Will's (Guy Wilson) best friend, but when it became clear that Will was gay, Tad did everything but bash and degrade and mock him. The irony? At the recent wedding of Will and Sonny (Freddie Smith), he was best man. Go figure!

"I know. It has been a wild ride. I did a whole turn around, and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed doing the wedding. I really enjoy playing this guy. He is a total goof-off. He means well, but is always on the wrong side of the rope." Coughlin said. "I have grown to love him. He is comic relief. I always had dramatic roles, so this is fun."

Coughlin also likes the fact that the director sometimes gives him free reign with the script. An example: The New Year's Eve show during the countdown to midnight, he (Coughlin) jumped on top of the bar. It was not scripted and at times he will warn the director what his plans are. Another example when Abby (Kate Manci) came in to TBD (club) he saw her and leaped over the bar. "I decided to do my own thing to add depth to the scene," Coughlin explains.

Coughlin moved to Los Angles to try his luck at acting in 2005. A New York native he attended the New York Film Academy and said that he was drawn into the business.

Coughlin auditioned for Days, but never screen-tested. "I guess they liked what they saw," he said with a laugh.  "I'm so grateful they (the powers that be) enjoyed my humor. I'm so honored to be a part of this show, and you will be seeing more of Tad, of which I'm so grateful." Prior to Days, he appeared in several prime time shows like Grey's Anatomy and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Coughlin considers becoming a new dad to baby Sawyer Creek (love the name) his greatest joy in life. "Yea! I'm in to it for only a few weeks. I'm a changed man. Having a baby will do that," Coughlin said. "I'm balancing my time. I'm home more, and learning to multi-task. Being a dad is a great feeling!"

Brendan Michael Coughlin (Tad, Days of our Lives) with girlfriend, Teri and new baby Sawyer Creek

Coughlin met his girlfriend, Teri, on the set of Days of our Lives at the opening of TBD, she was his date. In real life, marriage plans are in the future and they recently bought a new house. Coughlin jokingly said with all that's going on in his life he is "taking baby steps."

The only disappointment Coughlin has is that he was not present for the birth of his first child, but with good reason. He just completed a film in Utah called "The Rosemont." He plays Brad, a snowboarder traveling cross country, and he met a girlfriend, where together they stayed at a lodge.

The skinny is this was a shut down lodge where at one time royalty used to stay, and he, along with the girlfriend, fell in love with the place and restored it to its glory days, giving it a facelift.

"I found this place to be beautiful. It was a wonderful film," Coughlin added. "I filmed for three and a half weeks. Can't wait until it comes out."

Coughlin's future goals are to remain in the business and step in to features and just be able to continue working. "That's all I ask! But again. I love Tad so much I never want to leave him."

In his spare time, he enjoys golf and plays with cast mate Casey Moss (JJ), and as a hobby he makes candles.

Soapdom wants to know if you have a message to your fans? "Yea guys! Thanks for being there. I love what I do, and again...I can't say enough how proud I am to be a dad."

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