Days of our Lives' Casey Moss: from restaurant to playing JJ Deveraux

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Casey Moss (JJ, Days of our Lives) From working at a tai restaurant to playing bad boy JJ. Deveraux on Days of our Lives, Casey Moss is making a mark in daytime television, and can be on his way to being one of Salem's latest's "Hot Hunks."

"I know! (laughing) It is quite unbelievable how all this came into play," Moss explains. "I was working at the restaurant and my manager came in and said that I'm booked for Days to audition, and I guess you can say...the rest is history. It was total shock and a full blast and a rush."

Moss, who plays the rebellious son to veteran actress, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) said that upon meeting her she was incredible, and that it is incredible to play her son.

"I feel Missy is so involved. She has the mother role down path, especially in real-life. I met her daughter, and both are just great."

Moss is new to the business. He hails from Hanford, CA, saying he came to Los Angeles because his father wanted to. With little experience under his belt in show business, Moss decided to give it a try. Known before Days for being a model for an underwear ad, Moss is surprised people remember. "Yes! I only did one, and to this day people talk about it."

Moss is also into music, which he said is his big love, but now acting has become his top priority, but he still wants to remain close to his music.

Casey Moss (JJ, Days of our Lives) enjoying his other passion -- music

"I have been playing guitar for nine years," Moss said. "I love it. I love music. Honestly, I feel like for me, my music is some form of security." Admitting that some day, he would love to see his musical talents incorporated into the storyline of the show.

Moss said that being an actor is hectic. He is on set as early as 6:30 AM., and it's off to hair and makeup. Then there is the camera blocking, wardrobe, and of course...studying the lines.

"I love doing the lines in my dressing room. I dim the lights and work with the actors' acting coach, Maria O'Brien, who is just incredible. She helps me bring depth to JJ and add more color to the character."

Days of our Lives has been a dream come true. Imagine going from a modeling job for underwear to a national show? "I know. This has been wonderful. My mom was in love. She calls to tell me that she saw me. As for me...I'm still mesmerized by the work. I'm grateful for the work, but just grateful to life in general."

Moss added that meeting the veterans like Deidre Hall (Marlena) or Kristian Alfonso (Hope) has been wonderful, as well as various stars, but he said that he never was the type of person to be star struck. "I'm just here doing a job, and I want to do and be the best I can."

Away from the set, Moss has been dating  his girlfriend, Makenna Courtney for two and a half years, and he engages in surfing and hiking.

Soapdom wants to know if you have any advice, or would like to tell your fans anything, " Yes! First, I'm not JJ (laughing) and I want to thank you for being so appreciative of my work."