ATWT’s Trent Dawson

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A snake in the grass.

Up Close and Personal

He is a conman in a suit and tie, a snake in the grass, a smooth operator, and a person you wouldn’t trust as far as you can throw him, but Trent Dawson describes his character of Henry Coleman on As The World Turns “a unique kind of guy.”
“Yea! Henry is all those things, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Dawson said. “This is the type of character that is not only fun to play, but he is interesting to watch.”
Soapdom readers would agree. Recently, Dawson was nominated in the annual Cybby Awards by Soapdom members in the fun category of “Most Endearing Imp.” He was voted on by the Soapdom visitors, and he won by a landslide.
“It’s fantastic! I always love what’s done by the fans,” Dawson said. “It’s really a great feeling, and I’d like to thank everyone that voted.”

Dawson has been playing the character of Henry Coleman on a recurring basis since 1999, a role when cast was supposed to last for only two weeks.
“What can I say? I’m shocked I’m still here. It’s a blast. It’s just fun,” Dawson said. “The writers’ have fun trying to write for the character and create his antics.
Dawson describes Henry Coleman as “a good guy that has seen through people’s bull.” Henry is the type of character that goes with the flow. He smiles and then stabs you in the back.

Trent Dawson as Henry on As the World Turns in a scene with Terri Colombino (Katie) from earlier this year. Photo PGP

Dawson landed the role of Henry Coleman after the former casting director on As The World Turns was familiar with him and his work. He (the former casting director) called his agent and offered him the role.
Dawson works on “As The World Turns” without a contract and would someday like to achieve the point of having one.
“It would be a nice experience. I love this show and the rich history it holds. I also think Henry can go into a great relationship,” Dawson said. “And realistically, actors have to eat. The bright side without a contract is that I can come and go as I please, but it would be nice to have security.”
Dawson was born in Baton Rouge, LA., and has been acting since a child.
“My mom was in community theater, and she would always have me on stage,” Dawson said. “Heck I was on stage before I could walk,” Dawson jokes.
Dawson’s love for acting continued to grow. He attended Boston University before heading to spend a year touring in Europe. When he returned he graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts in acting from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
While in college, he performed in the Colorado Shakesphere Festival and taught stage fighting. After graduation he headed to New York and won the role of Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet” and toured the country.
“I was always drawn to Shakesphere,” Dawson revealed. “In addition to acting, my mother was an English teacher and she acquainted me with his work from early on.”
Dawson has appeared in many plays and musicals, and has appeared on and off Broadway.  His film credits include “Steel Magnolias” and “Henry.” He also appeared on “Guiding Light.”
Dawson said that it’s important to be able to do and accomplish a
lot in the industry, and explore all different facets and avenues.   
Dawson says that the best part of his job on As The World Turns is “being able to work with the greatest people.” He loves to do a bit of improvising in his performance and sometimes he likes to nail one and get the crew to crackup before going to tape.   
Soapdom wants to know if you’re anything like Henry?

“Are you kidding! I’m only Henry on screen and I love him to death. I’m a tad bit more sane. Henry lives more on the edge,” Dawson said. “It’s so interesting to be at a sports bar and have three generations of people come up to me calling me Henry. I also love the fact that either you love Henry or hate him. That’s what makes him interesting. I get the best of both world’s.”