ATWT’s Mark Collier Hits LA for Pilot Season

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Could that Mean the End of Mike Kasnoff?


 hspace=10 xsrc=“Matie” fans may want to get out their hankies.  Mark Collier (Mike, ATWT) could possibly be leaving As the World Turns.  When he sat down with Soap Talk to discuss his future (see the episode when it airs February 13th on SOAPNet), he let it be known that he was in L.A to try his luck at pilot season.  Which means he’s taking a break from soaps to try and land himself a primetime gig.

Luckily for him, ATWT gave him the time off to audition. Why were they so generous?  According to Collier, “I think they knew that I wanted to do other things.”  But while he’s shopping himself around, he was quick to add, “I do love working there.”  He went on to praise fellow cast mates, Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer) and Terri Colombino (Katie) stating, “They’re really good actresses.”

As he’s optimistic about his future, auditioning isn’t always an easy thing to do.  As SoapTalk host Ty Treadway pointed out, “Auditioning is a completely different skill.”  Collier agreed, “You’re not really working with another actor, you’re just reading your lines,” which apparently makes it difficult, as it doesn’t give the actor much to work with.

Even though his acting future may be up in the air, Treadway was quick to bring up Collier’s status as “The Most Eligible Bachelor in Daytime.” A fact that wasn’t lost on guest co-host, Linda Dano.  Understandably, she couldn’t stop herself from gushing over the incredibly attractive Collier.  As Dano is out in L.A. for pilot season as well, she’s hoping they land on a show together.  Oh, she’s also hoping to get a date with him for Valentine’s Day.  In case you were wondering, there’s no special someone in his life.

While Mark Collier might be leaving ATWT one day soon, he would like to see Mike Kasnoff live on.  When asked if he’d be okay with his character being recast, Collier was all for it, but only if they handled it correctly.  “I think they did it right with Shawn Christian,” referring to the first actor to play the character.  ATWT waited five years to bring Mike Kasnoff back to Oakdale after Christian left the show, and with Collier in the role it was well received.  Collier went on to add, “I think Mike is a great character,” and  he believes there’s more to explore with him. 

But ATWT Mike fans, don’t fret just yet.  Should Collier land a pilot, there is still the  major question as to whether the pilot gets picked up as a series by a network.  If Collier lucks out on both counts, he would still return to Oakdale for several months to wind down his storyline. 

Even though Treadway wished Mark “all the luck in the world with pilot season because you deserve to be on primetime,” he was quick to add how much everyone would miss him as the hunky handyman on ATWT. Okay, he didn’t say hunky, but you get the idea. However, until all is said and done, you can continue to watch the devastatingly handsome, yet humble actor shine on ATWT for the time being.