All My Children’s No. 1 Fan ~ Carol Burnett

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Verla Grubbs returns to Pine Valley

 hspace=10 xsrc=Carol Burnett as Verla Grubbs on the  35th Anniversary Eppisode
January 5, 2005


Carol Burnett, seen here with AMC's Eden Riegel (Bianca) and Terri Ivens (Simone), is the self-proclaimed “Number 1 fan of All My Children.”  If she has to miss an episode, she will do whatever she can to catch up. 

Before the days of VCRs, SOAPnet, and DVD collections, Ms. Burnett would recruit those who represented her to be her AMC messengers.

According to an excerpt from “All My Children: The Complete Family Scrapbook,” by Gary Warner, Carol Burnett is quoted as saying:

“One summer, my girls, my husband Joe Hamilton and I went to Europe.  We were in London, Paris, Rome, and all the way through the trip my PR guy, Rick Ingersoll, who knew how much I would miss All My Children, sent me a telegram every week about what was going on in Pine Valley.  It would read something like:  ‘Erica is doing blah-blah-blah. Palmer Cortlandt has done this to Nina, etc.’ Well, finally we’re at Lake Como and very early one morning, there’s a knock at our door.  The hotel manager is standing there white as a ghost with this telegram in his hand.  He says:  ‘We have some very bad news. Erica has been kidnapped by Adam. Someone else is in a coma from an auto accident.  And another person is in jail and looking for a lawyer.’  I practically fell down, I was laughing so hard!”

Burnett loved All My Children so much she eventually got herself cast as Verla Grubs, long, lost daughter of Langley Wallingford (Louis Edmunds) back in 1983.  She returned briefly in 1995, not to be seen in Pine Valley again until this upcoming January 5, when she once again returns as Verla Grubbs on All My Children’s 35th Anniversary episode.  Don't miss a minute!