ABC Daytime Airs Fan Favorite Episodes on Wednesday

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Eva LaRue, Thorsten Kaye (AMC 2004)On Wednesday, October 27, 2010, ABC Daytime is taking a step back from current storytelling, to re-air episodes of All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live.

Doing the "encore episode" thing is not new to ABC, as usually the network airs repeats on holidays or times when other networks may totally pre-empt programming for some special broadcast or other. But Wednesday, October 27th is no special holiday. There is no other reason for ABC to run a re-run, except to please fans by showing an episode that proved to be a fan favorite when it originally aired. Or, could there be more of a method to ABC Daytime's madness? Either way, here's what's in store for ABC Daytime fans this Wednesday...

On All My Children, fans will be treated to an episode that originally aired August 31, 2004! In this eppy, Ryan first admits to Greenlee how he really feels about her; Zack gets the wind taken from his sails thanks to Maria's decision regarding her marriage; and, Kendall seeks a strong shoulder to cry on. This will be a fun one for Zendall fans as they remember how in love Zach once was with someone else.

Over in Port Charles on General Hospital, an episode that originally aired December 1, 2005 takes center stage. It's the one where Jason gets bad news about his health and Sam makes a special request of him; Georgie is held hostage (remember Georgie?); and, Luke becomes the true father figure where a young Lulu is concerned.

While on One Life to Live, stay tuned for an episode that originally aired April 16, 2009. In this eppy, Todd and Tea's relationship is the epitome of dichotomy as they profess nothing but hate for each other while engaging in sexual games all over Todd's house; Jessica morns Nash; Starr and Cole clash; and, Markko makes a shocking admission to Langston.

Talk about Blasts from the Past, right? But what fun to see some of these stories again. Not only may these episodes help set up some of today's current story line directions, airing the repeat saves the network some money as they did not have to tape five new episodes for this week. Both of these statements definitely answer my question posed above regarding that method of ABC Daytime's madness, n'est pas?

Ever the inquisitive soap opera website, Soapdom could not help but wonder if this was going to be more of a regular thing – this airing of encore episodes on any given day that was not a holiday.

"Fans have often expressed the desire to see their favorite episodes of our soaps," said one ABC daytime insider. "So, throughout the year, ABC Daytime will occasionally present encore episodes that will enhance current story and give fans the opportunity to see episodes they really loved and have wanted to see again."

Next question. How often will ABC Daytime engage in this practice? "Every once in a while," said our contact. "I do not have an exact amount."

All we can say is that it will be fun to see these past episodes once again.