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Inside the Bubble

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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Days of our Lives Casey Moss rocks Hollywood Mark Edward Wilows 119
2 Days of our Lives True O'Brien loves playing Paige and talks about working with Justin Bieber Mark Edward Wilows 2018
3 Behind the scenes Days of our Lives: Production Designer Mark Edward Wilows 1297
4 Behind the Scenes Days of our Lives: Wardrobe Mark Edward Wilows 1245
5 Behind the Scenes on Days of our Lives: Hair and makeup Mark Edward WIlows 1224
6 Days of our Lives Freddie Smith touring the country and endorsing a great product Mark Edward Wilows 1738
7 All My Children's Walt Willey opens up about being a stand up comic Linda Marshall-Smith with Laurie Bedigian 1717
8 Days of our Lives' Brendan Michael Coughlin enjoys playing Tad and being a new dad Mark Edward Wilows 1592
9 Days of our Lives makes history with first gay male wedding Mark Edward Wilows 1649
10 Days of our Lives Daniel Cosgrove is the mystery man Mark Edward Wilows 1235
11 Former All My Children star, Taylor Miller, helping people as a holistic health coach Mark Edward Wilows 2588
12 Days of our Lives Guy Wilson: playing Will is a dream come true Mark Edward Wilows 1948
13 Days of our Lives: A day of days event is truly an experience Mark Edward Wilows 1510
14 Days of our Lives' Chrishell Stause ~ One interesting lady! Mark Edward Wilows 1488
15 Days of our Lives: Jen Lilley and Meredith Scott Lynn team up to rap Mark Edward Wilows 1288
16 Former Days of our Lives stars in a band and are really rock'in Mark Edward Wilows 1277
17 Bakers dozen with Days of our Lives Eric Martsolf and Shawn Christian Mark Edward Wilows 1930
18 Days of our Lives: Lauren Koslow loves feeding the animals Mark Edward Wilows 2049
19 Days of our Lives "Better Living" a must have book Mark Edward Wilows 1504
20 Days of our Lives' Jen Lilley likes to play mean Mark Edward WIlows 1152
21 Days of our Lives' Two-time Emmy Award winner Chandler Massey: his win, his role, his future Mark Edward Wilows 4439
22 Days of our Lives' Suzanne Rogers, a class act Mark Edward WIlows 1724
23 Days of our Lives' Casey Moss: from restaurant to playing JJ Deveraux Mark Edward Wilows 4201
24 Days of our Lives' Eileen Davidson loves playing Kristen Mark Edward Wilows 1393
25 Soap Opera or Reality? Reality TV Couples Who Are Still Together Linda Marshall-Smith 3052
26 Judi Evans reaches a milestone Mark Edward Wilows 1008
27 Kristian Alfonso hits the big 30 Mark Edward Wilows 1151
28 Jeanne Cooper, goodbye my friend Mark Edward Wilows 1162
29 All My Children's Bobby Steggert shines in "Big fish' Mark Edward Wilows 942
30 Get well wishes go out to Jeanne Cooper Mark Edward Wilows 1055
31 Days of our Lives Eric Martsolf ventures into business Mark Edward Wilows 1103
32 Patrika Darbo is back, and ready to stir the kettle Mark Edward Wilows 1189
33 Days of our Lives' Blake Berris on Meth Head Mark Edward Wilows 2625
34 Days of our Lives Meredith Scott Lynn is tantalized by Anne Mark Edward Wilows 2496
35 From ghoul girl to stunning beauty, Nadia Bjorlin has come a long way Mark Edward Wilows 4869
36 Days of our Lives' Nathan Owens may soon begin to unravel Mark Edward Wilows 1711
37 Jeanne Cooper knows how to jingle those bells Mark Edward Wilows 1311
38 Greg Vaughan dedicated to being a man of the cloth Mark Edward Wilows 1198
39 Inside the Bubble ~ Kelly Sullivan Laurie Bedigian 2222
40 Inside the Bubble ~ Lisa LoCicero Laurie Bedigian 1380
41 One Life To Live Stars gave fans what they want Mark Edward Wilows 2230
42 Days of our Lives' Blake Berris enjoys being "twisted!" Mark Edward Wilows 1691
43 Freddie Smith Puts Mark On Character Mark Edward Wilows 1882
44 Arianne Zucker Is Honored To Be Called The 'B' Word Mark Edward Wilows 1929
45 Snow White vs Evil Queen? Who is the Fairest of them All? Linda Marshall-Smith 2562
46 Jeff Tracta at Palms in Vegas with 100 of his closest impersonations Linda Marshall-Smith 3492
47 Days of our Lives blows into the Windy City Mark Edward Wilows 2917
48 Young and Restless, Jeanne Cooper, Speechless on Oprah Mark Edward Wilows 3935
49 General Hospital’s Lisa LoCicero Gets Up Close and Personal with Her Michigan Fans Laurie Bedigian 4894
50 General Hospital's Lisa LoCicero gets up close and personal with her Michigan fans Laurie Bedigian 2
51 ABC Daytime Airs Fan Favorite Episodes on Wednesday Linda Marshall-Smith 4390
52 As the World Stops Turning: Thoughts on the Cancellation of As the World Turns Mark Edward Wilows 7825
53 A few moments with the delightful Constance Towers Laurie Flesch 5262
54 One Life to Live’s Ilene Kristen Takes Hollywood by Storm Linda Marshall-Smith 3967
55 Inside The Bubble ~ General Hospital's Rebecca Herbst Laurie Bedigian 11846
56 Radio Jock, Connie Szerszen: “My life is a soap opera!” Mark Edward Wilows 4135
57 Young and the Restless' Thom Bierdz Diedre Johnson 6529
58 Inside the Bubble ~ Days of our Lives Nick Stabile Mark Edward Wilows 5924
59 Young and the Restless’ Jeanne Cooper Doing a Stint on Guiding Light… Mark Edward Wilows 6891
60 Inside the Bubble ~ OLTL's Catherine Hickland's The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure 6222
61 Inside the Bubble ~ Days of our Lives Matthew Borlenghi 4806
62 Inside the Bubble ~ General Hospital’s Megan Ward Laura DeBrizzi 7213
63 Inside The Bubble ~ GH Night Shift's Ethan Rains Laurie Bedigian 4447
64 Inside The Bubble ~ GH Night Shift's Dominic Rains (Ex Dr. Julian) Laurie Bedigian 5305
65 Inside The Bubble ~ General Hospital's Josh Duhon Laurie Bedigian 5801
66 Joan See, Founder of the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, Talks Acting on Soap Operas 9015
67 Inside the Bubble ~ Passions’ Colton Shires 6708
68 Inside the Bubble ~ General Hospital’s Yeniffer Behrens – Marianna 4534
69 Inside The Bubble ~ Arianne Zucker Returns to Days of our Lives 7102
70 As the World Turns Colleen Zenk Pinter Plays Out Real Life Story Mark Edward Wilows 8041
71 Inside the Bubble ~ Days of our Lives Taps Shirley Jones as Colleen Brady 8649
72 Inside the Bubble ~ General Hospital’s Minae Noji Laura DeBrizzi 4558
73 Inside the Bubble. Days of our Lives, Bryan Datillo, Austin Peck, Judi Evans Mark Edward Wilows 4535
74 Inside the Bubble: Days of our Lives' Matthew Florida Mark Edward Wilows 6394
75 Inside the Bubble ~ OLTL’s Head Writer, Ron Carlivati Laura DeBrizzi 6195
76 Inside the Bubble ~ Days of our Lives Darren Zancan Mark Edward Wilows 8010
77 I Wanna Be A Soap Star - Live! By Merle Goldberg 5055
78 Days of our Lives Mary Beth Evans on Soap Star, Soap Acting, and Apple Pie 5413
79 Passions Danica Stewart in NBC.com's Original Series, Coastal Dreams 4882
80 Inside the Bubble ~ My Date with Oprah in New York City By Laura DeBrizzi 3936
81 Inside the Bubble ~ Soap Actors on Their Favorite Soap Actors By Linda Marshall-Smith. Additional reporting Merle Goldberg 7271
82 Inside the Bubble ~ Soap Stars Get Vacation, Too! 2007 By Linda Marshall-Smith. Additional reporting, Merle Goldberg 5684
83 Inside the Bubble ~ GH Night Shift’s Danny Arroyo 5283
84 Days of our Lives Says Buh Bye to Bart 4465
85 Inside the Bubble ~ Cady McClain Returns to As the World Turns 4291
86 Inside the Bubble ~ GH and GH Nightshift’s Minae Noji 5103
87 Inside the Bubble ~One Life to Live's Kassie dePaiva by Merle Goldberg 4757
88 Inside the Bubble ~ One Life to Live’s Kathy Brier By Merle Goldberg 4702
89 One Life to Live's Women Roar By Merle Goldberg 5172
90 Inside the Bubble ~ Passions’ Eric Martsolf 4728
91 Young and the Restless May Sweeps Previews 2007 6928
92 Inside the Bubble ~ AMC’s Bobby Eakes Celebrates with B&B By Merle Goldberg 7406
93 Y&R’s Daniel Goddard Lori K. Wilson 11594
94 Passions Mark Cameron Wystrach By Mark Edward Wilows 7080
95 Y&R February Sweeps Teasers 2007 6074
96 ATWT’s Jennifer Landon (Gwen) By Laura DeBrizzi 7919
97 DOOL’s James Scott Mark E. Wilows 19099
98 Days of our Lives James Reynolds Merle Goldberg 7901
99 ATWT's Paul Leyden Laura DeBrizzi 13330
100 Soap Stars Take Vacations, Too! ~ 2006 7188
101 DOOL’s Marilyn McIntyre Mark Edward Wilows 5995
102 Passions' Adrian Bellani ~ Miguel Mark Edward Wilows 10199
103 ATWT's Eileen Fulton Takes on Chicago Night Life Written and Photographed by Mark Edward Wilows 4574
104 Y&R Spring Previews 2006 Linda Marshall-Smith 2835
105 ATWT’s Ellen Dolan Reaches Out to Fans Linda Marshall-Smith 3978
106 Passions Galen Gering Linda Marshall-Smith 4645
107 OLTL's Kamar de los Reyes Linda Marshall-Smith 3669
108 B&B's Jack Wagner Spreads Good Fortune Merle Goldberg 9345
109 Soap Week on Wheel of Fortune 2006 Lori K. Wilson 3684
110 AMC’s Michael E. Knight Reviewed in Rounding First Merle Goldberg 5667
111 Y&R’s Peter Bergman Linda Marshall-Smith 3620
112 ATWT’s Van Hansis Laura DeBrizzi 9722
113 DOOL's Christie Clark Mark Edward Wilows 6911
114 Linda Dano Co-Hosts SoapTalk this Week Lori K. Wilson 3114
115 GH Valentine's Romance & More! Laura Debrizzi 3463
116 Scott Sedita, Coach to the Soap Stars Merle Goldberg 4002
117 ATWT’s Mark Collier Hits LA for Pilot Season Lori K. Wilson 3907
118 Y&R's Jeanne Cooper on Re-Signing Her Contract Mark Edward Wilows 8882
119 DOOL's James Reynolds Takes on "Heriotique-Ahh" Linda Marshall-Smith 5018
120 AMC's Christian Hoff ~ Marty Linda Marshall-Smith 5657
121 DOOL’s Rachel Melvin ~ Chelsea Mark Edward Wilows 3531
122 AMC’s Connie Fletcher ~ Part 2 Dwayne Foote 3089
123 AMC’s Cady McClain Returns to Pine Valley Linda Marshall-Smith 3581
124 Special Preview ~ End of Year Storylines Linda Marshall-Smith 3595
125 DOOL’s Darin Brooks Mark Edward Wilows 3538
126 AMC’s Eden Riegel Merle Goldberg 3785
127 GH’s Rick Springfield Returns Mark Edward Wilows 6187
128 ATWT’s Martha Byrne’s The Other Side Laura DeBrizzi 4624
129 Days of our Lives 40th Anniversary Lori K. Wilson 3202
130 DOOL’s 40 Years ~ Alfonso & Reckell Mark Edward Wilows 4459
131 ABC Daytime Anytime Thanks to Proteus Merle Goldberg 4840
132 November All Access Giveaway ~ St. Jude's Gift Bag Laura DeBrizzi 5761
133 11th Annual St. Jude’s Benefit ~ 2005 Written and Photographed by Phyllis A. Tremblay 2932
134 Meeting the Hunks of 'SOAPnet Reveals' Merle Goldberg 3829
135 GH Barrels into November Sweeps Laura DeBrizzi 3610
136 Carpool Guy Premieres in Los Angeles Lori K. Wilson with Linda Marshall-Smith 3282
137 ATWT’s Elizabeth Hubbard Mark Edward Wilows 3801
138 Days Stars Help Hurricane Katrina Victims Mark Edward Wilows 3173
139 ATWT’s Martha Byrne and the St. Jude's Benefit Mark Edward Wilows 3312
140 OLTL’s Ilene Kristen is Looking Linda Marshall-Smith 3980
141 OLTL’s Catherine Hickland Teaches Tricks of the Trade Written by Laura DeBrizzi ~ Photographed by Laura DeBrizzi and Adrienne Turner 5341
142 DOOL's Austin Peck Mark Edward Wilows 4288
143 Soap Stars Get Vacations, Too ~ Part 3 Merle Goldberg, Katie Schaar, Lori Wilson, Mark Wilows, Laura DeBrizzi 6232
144 Getting Down with Jennifer Ferrin and The Times Laura DeBrizzi 3509
145 B&B's Ashley Jones Mark Edward Wilows 3671
146 Passions Disaster ~ Stars Tell It Like It Is! Written by Linda Marshall-Smith; Photos Lori Wilson 4478
147 Soap Stars Get Vacations, Too! ~ Part 2 Merle Goldberg, Katie Schaar, Lori Wilson, Mark Wilows & Laura DeBrizzi 3758
148 Passions Disaster Hollywood Premier Lori Wilson 3735
149 Soap Stars Get Vacations, Too! Part 1 Merle Goldberg, Katie Scharr, Lori Wilson, Mark Wilows, Laura DeBrizzi 3607
150 OLTL's Paul Satterfield Linda Marshall-Smith 4601
151 ATWT's Zach Roerig Mark Edward Wilows 3234
152 DOOL's James Reynolds Basketball Game 2005 Lori K. Wilson 4710
153 I Wanna Be a Soap Star Season 2 ~ Meet the Stars Lori K. Wilson 4011
154 I Wanna Be a Soap Star Season 2 ~ Meet the Contestants Lori K. Wilson 4860
155 ATWT's Jennifer Landon Mark Edward Wilows 4156
156 Soap Stars on Both Coasts Take to the Stage Linda Marshall-Smith 3026
157 GL's Linda Dano and AMC's Anna Stuart Take on Mame Written and Photographed by Sue Coflin 4124
158 DOOL's James Reynolds Directs Son in Stage Play Written and Photographed by Lori Wilson 3646
159 GL's Liz Keifer in Pirates of Penzance Written and Photographed by Sue Coflin 3814
160 Songs of the Soaps Linda Marshall-Smith 5510
161 GL's Ricky Paull Goldin & ATWT's Michael Part at Triad Written and Photographed Sue Coflin 6465
162 Internet Soap Opera Casts Daytime Stars Linda Marshall-Smith 9501
163 GL's Doug Hutchison Phyllis A. Tremblay 4501
164 GL's Linda Dano Mark Edward Wilows 3532
165 ATWT Celebrates 49th Anniversary Written and Photographed by Sue Coflin 2956
166 GH Celebrates 42nd Anniversary Linda Marshall-Smith 4345
167 Passions' Andrea Evans: City of Hope Lesleyann Coker 4310
168 Passions' Andrea Evans: City of Hope Ambassador Lesleyann Coker 3129
169 AMC’s Vincent Irizarry ~ An Intimate Chat Phyllis A. Tremblay 7058
170 DOOL's Dan Wells Mark Edward Wilows 5117
171 GL's John Driscoll Phyllis A. Tremblay 3600
172 I Wanna Be a Soap Star 2 ~ NY Auditions Written and Photographed by Merle Goldberg 6633
173 Luck Be a Lady! Linda Marshall-Smith 4375
174 OLTL's Kassie de Paiva & AMC's Bobbie Eakes Phyllis A. Tremblay with Photos by Jean Suppa 3530
175 I Wanna Be a Soap Star 2 ~ LA Auditions Written and Photographed by Linda Marshall-Smith 6799
176 GH's Constance Towers Lesleyann Coker 4289
177 OLTL’s Catherine Hickland in Off-Broadway Play Merle Goldberg 3585
178 GH’s Jed Allan Mark Edward Wilows 4841
179 AMC's 35th Anniversary Show on Broadway Heidi Lystad 4177
180 AMC's 35th Anniversary Celebration Merle Goldberg 3793
181 Days of our Lives Tapes 10,000 Eppy Linda Marshall-Smith 3223
182 ATWT's Peter Parros Mark Edward Wilows 3709
183 AMC's Susan Lucci Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Linda Marshall-Smith 6288
184 All My Children's Michael E. Knight in Rounding First by Mark Edward Wilows 6993
185 All My Children Honored with NYC Street Merle Goldberg 3494
186 AMC’s Connie Fletcher (Erin) ~ Part 1 Dwayne Foote 3272
187 Holidays with the Stars 2004 ~ Bitty Bubbles by Linda Marshall-Smith 2465
188 Flasback to New Year's 2002 in Soaps Linda Marshall-Smith 2546
189 GH's Anna Lee's House Sold in LA Linda Marshall-Smith 3090
190 Fan February for NBC Daytime Fans! Linda Marshall-Smith 3735
191 All My Children’s No. 1 Fan ~ Carol Burnett Linda Marshall-Smith 4887
192 DOOL Star Shines with Hollywood Icon Linda Marshall-Smith 3690
193 All My Children's 9000th Episode Celebration Linda Marshall-Smith 3050
194 DOOL’s James Reynolds and Arianne Zuker Yolanda Lawrence 3621
195 Calendar Photo Shoot and Photo Gallery Linda Marshall-Smith 3299
196 Y&R Star Helms Talent Showcase Linda Marshall-Smith 3674
197 ATWT’s Jesse Soffer Mark Edward Wilows 3641
198 St. Jude’s Benefit ~ Back in the Early Days Mark Edward Wilows 3253
199 10th Annual St. Jude's Benefit 2004 ~ Bitty Bubbles Linda Marshall-Smith 2482
200 10th Annual Daytime TV St. Jude's Benefit Phyllis A. Tremblay 4733
201 10th Annual St. Jude's Benefit ~ Actors Attending Linda Marshall-Smith 3844
202 ATWT’s Mark Collier Mark Edward Wilows 8841
203 ATWT’s Trent Dawson Mark Edward Wilows 3501
204 B&B’s Joe Mascolo Mark Edward Wilows 4215
205 Passions Fan Event 2004 Linda Marshall-Smith 2523
206 DOOL’s Patrika Darbo Returns to Salem Linda Marshall-Smith 3563
207 ABC Daytime Want's NBC Soap Fans! Linda Marshall-Smith 4161
208 Passions Amelia Marshall Linda Marshall-Smith (no relation, LOL) 3413
209 Sarah Brown on ATWT Linda Marshall-Smith 2914
210 DOOL’s Alison Sweeney Mark Edward Wilows 3358
211 B&B’s Sean Kanan Mark Edward Wilows 3139
212 GL's Beth Ehlers Angela Vizzie 4264
213 B&B's New Look Linda Marshall-Smith 3138
214 Back to Soap Opera Basics ~ Consumer Products Linda Marshall-Smith 5561
215 OLTL's Danny Gauthier Angela Vizzie and Linda Marshall-Smith 3563
216 GL’s Kim Zimmer Angela Vizzie and Linda Marshall-Smith 3868
217 GL’s Ricky Paull Goldin Angela Vizzie 4480
218 How I First Suspected Days Stars Were Returning... Linda Marshall-Smith 3104
219 B&B's Spring Promo Photo Shoot 2004 Linda Marshall-Smith 2629
220 DOOL's Peter Reckell Drives Again! Linda Marshall-Smith 2964
221 Y&R's New Teen Promo Linda Marshall-Smith 3435
222 Win A Date with Tad Hamilton ~ Premiere, Movie, Photos Linda Marshall-Smith 3419
223 Get Win a Date with Tad Hamilton Stuff Linda Marshall-Smith 3098
224 GL's Casting Director, Rob Decina's New Book Mark WIlows 6374
225 Port Charles Returns to TV Linda Marshall-Smith 3256
226 GH’s Anna Lee’s Status Remains Recurring Linda Marshall-Smith 5385
227 CBS-TV Daytime Gets New Music Promo Linda Marshall-Smith 4227
228 DOOL's Serial Killer Casualties Sunni and Linda Marshall-Smith 3592
229 GH’s Andrew St. John on Kyle, Acting & His Team Linda Marshall-Smith 3812
230 GL's Elizabeth Keifer, In or Out? Sunni 2781
231 B&B's Rolonda Watts Gets Candid Linda Marshall-Smith 4167
232 Happy 35th Annniversary OLTL Sunni 5827
233 Fan Fave Roger Howarth Lands in Oakdale Sunni 3342
234 ATWT's Paul Leyden Guest Stars on ABC's Dragnet Linda Marshall-Smith 3550
235 DOOL Stars on Friends, April 24, 2003 Linda Marshall-Smith 2657
236 Meet DOOL’s New Philip – Kyle Brand Linda Marshall-Smith 3637
237 Guiding Light Scores New Opening Linda Marshall-Smith 3262
238 Guiding Light Shifts Gears Linda Marshall-Smith 3443
239 B&B Tapes 4000th Episode Linda Marshall-Smith 2997
240 DOOL's Bo and Hope Theme Airs 12/6/ Jessica Radloff 4020
241 DOOL's Bo & Hope Get Music by Moneymaker Linda Marshall-Smith 6204
242 3rd Sentinel For Health Award Official Press Release Linda Marshall-Smith 2928
243 Soap Summit VII: The Role of Women in Daytime Linda Marshall-Smith 3454
244 Shawn Christian's Childhood Talent Show Linda Marshall-Smith 3384
245 DOOL Set-Side Celebration for Topping Ratings Linda Marshall-Smith 3759
246 How to Make it in Soaps! Linda Marshall-Smith 5165
247 Why is AMC's Kelly Ripa's Son Spooked by ABC? Linda Marshall-Smith 6450
248 Jacob Young is GH's Lucky Spencer Linda Marshall-Smith 3990
249 AMC's Susan Lucci Stars in Annie Get Your Gun Linda Marshall-Smith 4729
250 Y&R's Kristoff St. John Acts, Directs & Produces! Linda Marshall-Smith 5788
251 Y&R's Jerry Douglas to Return as John Abbott Linda Marshall-Smith 4058
252 GL's Victoria Platt and ATWT's Ben Jorgensen Linda Marshall-Smith 3691
253 What was AMC's Tad Wearing When He Flashed Dixie Linda Marshall-Smith 3544
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