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Home Features Horoscopes Week of April 10, 2006

Week of April 10, 2006

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Put your energy into improving your attitude this week.  It's time to make a change.  You will be tired, if you've taken on too much.  Ask for help or an extension on your deadlines.  Professional opportunities are apparent.  Go after your goals, ask for a raise or sign new contracts.  You can develop a good working relationship with others if you are willing to share your ideas.  Spend some quality with your mate.  You've probably neglected his or her needs during the last few weeks, so make up for lost time.  You can turn things around with a little affection.  You can stabilize a partnership if you are willing to make a few concessions.  Hidden assets will come in handy if you wish to become involved in an innovative business venture.  You can make professional changes if you spend time looking for other ways to make a living. Attend seminars that will help you learn more about starting your own business.


Happy feelings inspire the best kind of honesty.  You or someone close to you may blurt out a secret fantasy.  The world may change for the better, as a result.  A small luxury lets you feel enormously wealthy.  Giving yourself a reason to smile doesn't have to break the bank.  Plans for the future go forward with renewed optimism.  The differences between friends and lovers are minimal.  Pull out all the stops and let your true nature emerge to others.  You can easily stand up to the slings and arrows that have been preventingyou from doing what you want to do.  Improve your aim by limiting your scope.  Be a good sport when you win. You've been on the losing end before and should remember how it feels. Give others the benefit of the doubt, their hidden talents may surprise you.

This week is highlighted by positive changes in your homelife.  You will have a problem concentrating on anything complex.   Personal and emotional matters are interfering with your productivity.  Take a whole day off and make plans to relax or pamper yourself.  It is best to pamper yourself and not worry about what you are supposed to be working on.  By week's end, you'll find it easier to deal with relatives.  Plan to invite them over for a visit or a meal.  Disharmony in your personal life will make it difficult for you to accomplish things. 


It's a week full of romance.   Your efforts will be appreciated and reciprocated.  Try not to eat foods that don't agree with your stomach.  A friend will be upset, be kind.  Your interest in philosophy and history will spark a greater interest in travel and foreign cultures.  Look into the possibilities and talk to people who have taken journeys that interest you.  Difficulties when dealing with other people's money will come back to haunt you if you don't do a thorough job.  Read the fine print before you persuade someone to sign on the dotted line.  Problems with older female relatives will quickly turn into a demanding burden if you are willing to take the brunt of the responsibility.  Try to get siblings to help.  Your partner isn't likely to share the same ideals as you.  Try to be honest and open, or you will have difficulty coming to terms with the problems that arise.  Don't pretend to be what you're not.


This week it's time to rid yourself of bad habits and non productive people.  Don't fool yourself, diets and getting in shape takes work.   Analyze what you would like to improve upon.  Relationships will be serious. You can make a long-term commitment to the one you love.  Plan a quiet romantic evening for two to discuss your future intentions.   You can achieve your goals if you present your ideas to superiors. Don't hold back because of your insecurities.  It's time to take a stance.  Use your creative talents at work. Your ability to work with fine but important details will be admired and rewarded. You can expect to receive rewards.  Travel should be on your agenda.  Romance will be enticing and lead to new and exciting plans for the future.  Expect to run into people from your past.


Complete your jobs on time this week.  It's time to put your priorities in order.  Use your discipline to finish those unfinished jobs. You let your personal paperwork pile up, and now's the time to clear your desk. You'll feel much better knowing the work is done.  You'll be the target for rumors if you aren't discreet about your personal life.  You need a change of pace, time to take a break.  Communicate with your mate.  Pleasure trips will result in a better understanding of your relationship and your commitment to one another.  Financial difficulties due to poor investments or unforeseen expenses will be depressing.  Listen to the advice of respected friends.   You will be emotional regarding your present relationship.  Don't make rash decisions.  You have to make a concerted effort before you throw in the towel.

This week is highlighted by your ability to stay in the background.  You can get ahead if you use your sharp intellect and your insight into future trends.  Your greatest limitation will be yourself. Be sure to get promises in writing.   Don't hesitate to become involved in a new business venture.  Partnerships will be favorable, and you will come up with sound ideas.  You need to be optimistic about your future.  Don't let criticism stand in the way of a good product.  Drastic alterations in your position will occur if you haven't taken the time to deal with small but important details in your job.  Be prepared to make changes.  Don't become involved in secret matters even if you do find them intriguing.  Be careful how you handle the situation.  You could end up taking the blame for something you didn't do.


This is the perfect week to get involved in a fund-raising event.  Follow your own intuitive instincts for best results.  Your ideas will be well planned and easily implemented. Work on your own project.  You will have to do all the fine detail yourself, if you want this concept to fly.  Don't blow situations out of proportion.  Your need to use emotional blackmail will only cause more discord.  If you put your energy into physical outlets, you will avoid confrontations.  Someone you work with may not see things the same way you do.  Don't be swayed to do things their way.  You work best when you follow your own instincts.  By week's end, invite good friends over.  You'll need to relax and get your mind off your work and your worries.  You may want to contemplate a professional and residential move in the near future.  Your intuition will lead you in the right direction.  Take care of home-improvement projects and real estate matters. 


There is no time like the present to admit your short comings.  Self-deception will be the main issue.  You may be judging your situation wrongly.  Don't hold back, say what you think.  A positive mental outlook will be the result.  Competitive sports activity will ease stress you feel.  Use your discipline to accomplish your personal goals.  Your ability to get your point across may be hurtful, but it will be appreciated.  You need to make the changes necessary for your happiness.  Expect disruptions at home.  Try not to take things to heart. Acceptance is the key.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  You'll be surprised at how willing others are to help out.  It won't be easy to please family, friends or in-laws. It is better to please yourself than bang your head against a wall.  You need to relax and get in touch with your own feelings.


Take hold of the situation this week.  Don't hesitate to negotiate for someone you care about.  Someone may try to curtail your freedom.  Set them straight and don't give in.  Don't overspend on redecorating.   Say as little as possible and don't become involved in other people's affairs.  Concentrate on your work.  Someone you care about will be erratic and eager to pick a fight.  You need to talk to the big spenders.  Run your ideas by them and see if you can't get a backer and a partner for your concept.  Push your product and you'll see some returns.  Make the decision to go back to school.  Study a subject that will help you change your direction in life.  You may be limited in the short term, but overall it will be worth your while.  You will be emotional about money matters if you let cash slip through your fingers.  You need to put your finances in order once and for all.  You must set and stick to a budget.


Catch up on overdue correspondance this week.  Don't let anyone stand in the way of your progress.  Don't reveal personal secrets.  Don't let yourself get run-down. Empty promises will leave you feeling cold. Expect to have problems with co-workers or employers.  Stick to your own work and be careful that someone doesn't try to take credit for your effort.  Talk to relatives about your personal problems and see if they have any advice to help you through this period of change.  The advice given will help you out, you'll have the drive to accomplish anything.  You can have whatever you want if you use your intellectual charm. Your passionate mood and persuasive tactics will be well-received by your mate.  Plan a nice quiet weekend for two. 


This week's scenario is highlighted by emotional issues that keep you from focusing on anything else.  Your motto should be "make love not war."  Don't make promises that you know you can't keep.  Attend social events that will bring you in contact with people who can provide you with motivation.  You can achieve much by making and returning phone calls, emails.  Friends will welcome your advice.  You may have problems with children if you have spoiled them in the past.  You mustn't overspend or take on too many responsibilities.  Property or long term investments are your best bet.  Look into all the financial ventures presented to you, one of them will be a real moneymaker.  You should confine yourself to those deals where you don't have to rely on someone else.

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