Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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Episode #14,925----A grieving Alan puts away a scrapbook he’d been making for his unborn son. He tries to talk to Beth about their future, but she has no interest. Beth slaps Alan and tells him it’s over. Despondent, Alan ends up at the shutdown Outskirts, but when Jonathan is too flip, he storms off. At Company, he tries to talk to Lizzie, but she ain’t having it. Buzz throws him out without letting Alan talk to Zach, either.

Alan goes to Father Ray and asks what to do now that God has finally decided to punish him. He reminisces about his own father, then goes home to ask Alex what his memorial service was like when everyone thought Alan was dead. After Alex leaves, Alan collapses. He tries to phone Beth, but she refuses to answer. Neither does Lizzie. Neither does Alan-Michael. Alan calls Beth again and leaves a message for his family, asking for another chance.

At the hospital, he learns it was just a panic attack. Beth tells Alan she’s glad he’s not dead, but she intends for their marriage to go back to what it was – before any feelings developed. Also, Alan-Michael tells him that even if Alan did love his new baby, it wouldn’t have done any good. Alan loved Phillip best of all and look what happened to him.

Later, Alan demands Buzz tell him how he got his family to love him again despite being a screw-up for twenty years. Buzz tells him the secret is to put your ego in a drawer and support his family on their terms, not his. You have to love the people in your life for who they are.****Alan decides that his new purpose in life will be to guard Lizzie’s baby with his life.