Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Episode #14,924----Rick strikes out first with Mel, then Beth in the forgiveness department. It only gets worse when Charles informs him he’s fired – he seriously breached ethics when he misidentified Phillips body. Meanwhile, Mel, already in a bad mood, moves on to Jonathan and demands he tell her what is really going on between him and Ashlee if he expects her to help him get out of jail (and back into Outskirts; Doris had the bar shut down). Later, Mel and Rick pretend that everything is fine in front of Leah, but no one is buying it. Especially when Mel explodes and orders Rick to take some responsibility for Ross’ death. Leah defends her dad but everyone ends up saying things they don’t mean.

Ava pretends not to care that Coop was out all night taking care of Lizzie, while Buzz pretends not to care that Frank is dating Olivia. Later, Ava tells Coop she’s moving out. But, first she shows him what she’s turned her room into – a nursery, so Coop can prove to Alan’s lawyers he’d make a good dad. Meanwhile, Lizzie asks God for a sign that she’s doing the right thing lying that Coop is her baby’s father. She gets a sign – a face to face with Tammy and Jonathan. Lizzie goes to see Beth and they worry about Phillip. Beth tosses Alan out of her room.