Tuesday, December 26, 2006

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Episode #15074----Tammy waits at the bar for Jonathan and sees another woman waiting, seemingly in the same predicament she is. Meanwhile, Lizzie notices Jonathan’s ring is missing and asks him where it. Jonathan makes an excuse, as Beth shows up and gives Jon a Christmas gift: his wedding ring. Jonathan pleads with her not to tell Lizzie, and Beth decides to hold onto the information. Jonathan puts the ring on, and tells Lizzie he needs to leave. Jonathan finds Tammy at the bar and sweeps her up in his arms.

Beth visits a ranting Alan in jail and brings Rick to see if he’s mentally competent. Rick tells Alan he’s no happier to be here today than he is as it seems both are paying for their sins this Christmas.

At the Coopers, everyone is in the holiday spirit. When Jeffrey shows up to talk shop, Harley has to remind him today is Christmas and invites him to stay. Buzz tells Olivia he didn’t think she was ready for marriage, when suddenly he pulls out a ring and proposes. A thrilled Olivia says yes to the proposal, and everyone congratulates them. Jeffrey goes to leave as Coop rushes in. Coop tells everyone that Ava disappeared from the airport and Coop suspects Jeffrey had something to do with it. Olivia is irked to find out Jeffrey was even at the airport, but Jeffrey denies being the cause. Coop looks for Ava, as Jeffrey sees her alone in a bar and fights the urge to comfort her. Back at the Coopers, everyone gathers round as Buzz reads aloud the Christmas story.

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