Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Episode #14,926----Tammy asks Cassie if she and Jonathan can move in (Cassie says yes, as long as they sleep in separate rooms) as her boyfriend is across town, getting advice from a weak and nauseous Reva. She tells him to go after happiness and always put the people he loves first. Later, Reva hides her symptoms from Josh as he leaves town -- but doesn’t realize that he’s gone looking for her again. Meanwhile, Jonathan learns that Doris Wolfe, as part of her campaign to bring him down, is going after Lewis Construction, as well. Jonathan swears to fix it.

Gus terminates his partnership with Mallet, but can’t terminate the image of Mallet and Harley’s affair from his mind with anything but pills. Meanwhile, Dinah confesses to Harley that she conspired with Alan-Michael to bring her down. Harley honestly couldn’t care less – she has other issues on her mind – though she does fire Dinah. Dinah wants to know if Gus’s exit means Harley will go after Mallet again, but Harley says its Gus or nothing. Back home, Gus is there to pick up his things. Harley begs him to stay even as she realizes that he’s high. Gus kisses Harley good-bye. Harley calls Frank and tells him Gus can’t be trusted with a gun and a badge right now. Frank confronts Gus about the pills.