Monday, May 22, 2006

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Episode #14,923----Gus demands to know if Harley could have slept with anyone when she thought he was dead, or did it have to be Mallet? Harley admits she needed Mallet. Their fight wakes up Zach and as Harley goes to put her son to bed, Gus walks out. Meanwhile, Mallet steps out of the shower to ask Dinah to join him, and sees Vanessa, Buzz and Frank. Mallet’s day doesn’t get any better when he comes down to the station and gets a punch in the face from Gus. Gus tells Mallet he’s left Harley, and Mallet spits back that Gus doesn’t deserve her. Mallet goes home to Dinah and they make love, while Gus can’t make himself return to Harley’s house.

Reva barely has time to listen to Colin explain the potential side effects of her chemotherapy, before she is rushing out to meet Josh. Even when she hears that Jonathan has been arrested, Reva insists on putting Josh first. The pair shares a romantic night, promising that nothing will ever get between them again.