Guiding Light Episode Recap, Monday, August 31, 2009

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Robert Newman (Josh, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,750----Natalia is excited when Olivia agrees to go shopping with her. Natalia tells Matt that if you find something you want, you have to keep believing in it. Josh understands how Olivia is feeling and says that the line between love and friendship often gets blurry. Matt and Josh decide to head out to get drinks together. Olivia stresses over what to wear, decides she can't do it, and calls Matt to invite him for a drink. Matt agrees to meet with Olivia and tells Josh he's dumping him for a hot date. Olivia explains to Natalia that she wants to be her friend but she can't just hang out with her. Natalia interrupts Olivia and Matt's nice relaxing dinner, and tells Olivia they need to

talk. Josh confirms Matt's suspicions that there's something going on between Natalia and Olivia. Natalia tells Olivia that she knows she hurt her and is going to work hard to gain her trust again.

Billy and Vanessa decide to tell their friends and family about the wedding. They share their news with the group, and then the group gets started baking for them. Josh offers to watch the restaurant while Buzz goes on his date with Lillian. James wants to hang out with Daisy, but she has to work so he decides to join her at the restaurant. Daisy orders James to pull over, then she runs in the field and he follows her. They start kissing. At Company, Buzz has set a beautiful table for two with candles and wine for Lillian, then he puts up the "closed" sign. Lizzie thinks they should visit Reva to make sure she's okay. Reva puts away the photos of Jeffrey and tells Colin that Jonathan was right. She tries to leave the house with Colin but she can't get herself to do it. Reva assures Lizzie and Bill that she's doing better. She tells Colin that they're going to have to get out soon before the whole town checks in on them. Lizzie tells Josh that Reva is in trouble. Josh thinks Reva is going to pull through. Reva gets an unexpected visit from Billy and Vanessa, and makes the big decision to let them in. Billy doesn't want to put too much on Reva with the wedding but says he wants the whole family involved. Reva says she wouldn't miss it. Reva braces herself to leave the house. Josh tells Reva that it's nice to see Billy and Vanessa back together-sometimes true love wins out. Vanessa says she's hiring a real wedding planner. Reva says the wedding is just what she and Colin need.

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