Guiding Light Episode Recaps, Monday, February 11, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #15357----Gus and Nat are pronounced man and wife, as Olivia desperately tries to kick the door down. Gus gets a call about Olivia’s heart, and Natalia fesses up. Gus and Nat race to get to Olivia and Gus heroically carries her out. Olivia learns that they gave the heart to someone else. When Gus is out of the room, Olivia blasts Natalia for costing her her life. Nat finds herself alone on her wedding night, as Gus comforts Olivia, assuring her she won’t be alone in her fight to live.

Lizzie learns Beth is on the island with Alan and she grows afraid. Bill tries to convince Lizzie that he’s the one that can help her and asks her to move in. Bill lets it slip that he’s the one that told Alan that Jon and Sarah were alive. Bill tries to defend his actions, saying unlike Jon he did it for Lizzie and tells her he needs her. She kisses him and then slaps him – saying she’ll never forgive him if anything happens to Jon or Sarah.

Beth tries to keep Alan on the island by telling him she left Rick for him. Rick runs in and tells Josh he thinks Alan has kidnapped Beth to their island house. Jon overhears, and Alan has cops haul Rick off. Alan turns around to find Jon raise a gun to him, just as Beth announces that her water broke.

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