Guiding Light Episode Recap, Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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Episode #15462----Doris thinks Ashlee is engrossing herself in work to get over Coop. Coop tells Buzz he’s excited about going back to teaching. Coop and Ashlee share a close moment until Daisy arrives. Daisy and Ashlee are at each other’s throats about Coop and Grady. Coop takes the classroom in, rolls up his sleeves, and writes his name on the board. Ashlee starts her video blog and wonders if anyone can relate to what she’s going through.

Daisy learns Grady didn’t put her on his list of visitors. Buzz tells Grady it’s up to him to decide to turn his life around—to decide who he’s going to be. Grady is left infuriated by Buzz ‘s calm and unspoken threat. Daisy distracts a cop and rushes into the police station. Daisy promises Grady that Cyrus will get him out—then he and Daisy will never be found.

Blake apologizes to Ashlee about Coop. Blake hurries to get Clarissa to her enrichment class and is surprised to learn that Coop is the teacher. Blake promises Coop she’s going to stay out of his way and asks him not to punish Clarissa for her mistakes.

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