Guiding Light Episode Recap, Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #15354----It’s the Cooper family poker game and Marina, surprisingly, arrives hand in hand with Cyrus. It’s slowly revealed that Ashlee’s actually a champ at poker—she wins the ham. While playing, Harley and Marina swap passive-aggressive comments that are clearly about the deeper issue—Cyrus. Cyrus tells Marina he wants her to leave for France with him.

Marina is filled with excitement, as Cyrus gets them plane tickets for that evening. Harley goes on a date with a friend of Frank’s. When the date starts going horribly, Gus saves Harley from it. Dinah questions why Cyrus isn’t with Harley when it’s so obvious she’s the one. Harley learns about Marina’s plans to leave for France that night.

Harley walks in on the going-away party and her eyes instantly lock with Cyrus’s. Harley slips out, as everyone toasts to Marina and Cyrus. Cyrus follows Harley. Mallet gets a disturbance call and Marina says she’ll take it. Harley tells Cyrus to go be with the woman he loves. And he says, he is. Marina gets nervous, and tries to reach Mallet. Dinah, eager for Mallet’s attention, turns off his phone and tries to convince them to give them another chance. Cyrus tells Harley she is absolutely the one he wants. Marina is knocked unconscious by the drug dealer as Harley and Cyrus begin to make unbridled love.

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