Guiding Light Episode Recap, Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Beth Chamberlain (Beth, Guiding Light)
Episode # 15,759----The double wedding recessional is finishing and the crowd heads toward reception. Phillip tells Beth he didn't think he'd see another wedding in Springfield and now they're all together celebrating. Billy thanks everyone for coming. Buzz says he appreciates that Billy and Vanessa shared the spotlight with them. The couples both kiss, and then the kissing becomes contagious and everyone in the crowd kisses. Mindy announces that it's time for the first dance. Josh watches Marina show Shayne pics of Henry and tells Reva he's never seen Shayne light up like that. Lizzie tells Jonathan that she knows he doesn't like Alan but he risked his life to save Phillip. Jonathan says he doesn't know how long he's staying. Phillip tells Bill and Lizzie that it's really a joyful time. Mel hands Jonathan papers and Jonathan says he wants what's best for his daughter. Lillian tells Alan that he did a very brave thing. Matt comes to pick up Maureen and Vanessa convinces him to stay. Bill tells Josh that the good things are outnumbering the bad and everyone's lives are coming together. Blake clarifies that the woman who told Frank she had a prior commitment wasn't saying no, she was saying to ask her again. Phillip tells Daisy he owes a lot to Alan for stepping up. James still doesn't understand why Phillip chose Alan over him. The group stops dancing when they see Jonathan arrive with Sarah. Jonathan tells Lizzie he had Mel draw up custody papers so they can get things started. Lizzie thanks Jonathan for sharing Sarah. Josh tells Billy he doesn't have anything of his own and thinks it's time for him to head out for awhile. James tells Alan it's great what he did for Phillip. Alan says parents are supposed to save their children. Beth tells Phillip she's not holding him to anything he said to her in the hospital. Phillip tells her he loves her and always will.

Alan tells Rafe that Rafe is a better man than him-he was drafted but didn't go. Billy makes a toast to Alan and calls him a hero that gave the town a miracle. Doris tells Alan he's the only worthy adversary she has in the town.
Josh sees Olivia and Natalia holding hands and tells them it's nice to see them happy. Josh tells Olivia he's moving and leaving town for awhile. Cyrus tells Mel that she did a good thing for Jonathan and Sarah, then he pulls Mel into a kiss. Josh tells Shayne he's thinking of moving to the Venezuela office. Jonathan introduces Sarah to Beth, Phillip, Alan, and Alex. Alan promises it will always be safe now. Phillip thanks Alan for giving him a second chance. Alan tells Phillip not to overcomplicate his life, live it. Marina tells Shayne that Henry makes everyone happy. Shayne and Marina decide to take a break from the wedding to go check on him. Josh tells Matt he's going out of town and says it's time for him to make changes himself. Josh cuts in and dances with Reva. Josh tells her he's going to Venezuela, and she gives her support. Phillip takes Beth's hands and proposes to her. Beth excitedly says yes and wants to tell the kids, but Phillip says he wants to talk to Alan first. Buzz tells Alan that he thinks Alan always had the courage, he just didn't know it. Alan thanks Buzz for being happy for him. Jonathan tells Bill he didn't realize how much Sarah needed a mom until he saw them together. Bill says he'll love Sarah like she's his own. Josh makes the best man's toast to Billy and Vanessa. Phillip goes to find Alan. Frank makes a toast to Buzz and Lillian. The two couples head over to cut the cake. Beth catches Lillian's bouquet. Vanessa tosses her bouquet. Phillip stands behind seated Alan and tells him that he wants Beth in his life and doesn't want to waste another second in life. He tells Alan he'll never be able to pay him back for what he's given him. Alan doesn't respond. Phillip touches Alan's lifeless body and suddenly realizes he's dead.

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