Guiding Light Episode Recap, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #15288----Jeffrey shows up to tell Josh and Cassie that Edmund is in a clinic, not a prison. Alonzo insists the hearing take place at Edmund’s facility with Cassie in the room. Cassie is adamant that Josh join her when she meets Edmund. Cassie is on the phone with Will who says he can’t wait to be with Cassie. Then we reveal Will, being coached by Edmund on what exactly to say.

Dinah is devastated that Matt has arrived with Vanessa and he’s wearing his wedding ring again. Dinah demands they leave, and lights the fire in the room’s wastebasket. As an orderly rushes in to put out the fire, Dinah slips out the door. A confused Dinah isn’t sure where to turn until she bumps into a large man and looks up to see Edmund.

Alex tells a skeptical Mallet and Marina that Cyrus actually just left town to go to a rehab hospital. Marina decides to chase the lead, and go to the hospital to find Cyrus. As Mallet and Marina plan to head out of dodge, Marina comes home to find Frank waiting to comfort her. Finally Marina gets Frank to leave, and sneaks out with Mallet to catch their flight.

We see Cyrus under the rubble, his arm protectively over Harley. Cyrus’s calls for help become weaker and Harley realizes he’s badly hurt. As the rove caves in on top of them, Harley and Cyrus try to keep their conversation alive, so neither falls asleep and gives up. Cyrus is desperate to keep Harley alive and hopeful, and in a powerful last-ditch effort, he leans in and kisses her gently.

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