Guiding Light Episode Recap, Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #15293----Ashlee is unsettled by how confident Doris is that she’ll win the election. Buzz gives Coop and Ashlee a chance to talk. Coop asks if Ashlee can’t deal with being around him—and just then a health inspector shows up. Ashlee defends the Coopers and kisses Coop when he goes on a rant about how much he likes her, which Doris sees. Buzz learns he’s leading in the polls. Buzz urges Doris to let Ashlee go, but she thinks that Ashlee’s not ready for that. Ashlee blows Coop off and we see it’s because she realized that Doris was watching them.

Cassie worries about how withdrawn Will seems. Jeffrey says that Edmund is in Springfield, and Cassie thinks it would be beneficial for Will to see him. Jeffrey thinks he and Josh should put aside their differences now that they have to deal with Edmund. Jeffrey just wants to hear Josh say that he won’t let Edmund hurt Cassie.

Edmund tells Frank he won’t cause him any trouble while in prison—since he doesn’t plan on being in there very long. Cassie and Edmund share a genuine moment when Will rushes into Edmund’s arms. Cassie notes that Edmund really does care about Will. Jeffrey reminds Edmund that like him, he’s a man who’s got nothing to lose. RJ feels left out as he watches Cassie and Josh with Will.

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