Guiding Light Episode Recap, Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Episode #15461----Reva is stunned to learn that the person who’s trying to shut down production is Jeffrey. Jeffrey said he made some permit inquiries upon Josh’s request, but wasn’t going to shut the movie down without Reva’s okay. Later, Reva combines a bunch of Jeffrey’s pain pills into a vial and heads out.

Mallet and Marina debate which of the exes, Dinah or Cyrus was worse than the other. Marina tells Mallet that life with Cyrus wasn’t real life. Mallet and Marina toast to their own independence day—being free of Cyrus and Dinah, as the happy couple kisses.

Reva sees Daisy and Grady in a passionate embrace. Frank is angry that Jeffrey is going to have to lessen the charges against Grady in order to make sure he gives up Alan. Reva pulls Daisy and Grady apart and gives him a piece of her mind—as well as slipping the pain meds into his pocket. Reva disguises her voice and calls Frank, giving him an “anonymous” tip that G’s got drugs on him. Daisy is with Cyrus when he gets the call that Grady was arrested again. Frank tells Jeffrey about the painkillers he found and Jeffrey complains about the pills he has to take. Frank begins to put two and two together and calls Reva to give her the news on Grady—knowing very well that she already knew. Cyrus goes to call a lawyer, as Grady tells Daisy someone in her family set him up.

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