Guiding Light Episode Recap, Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #15353----Bill asks Billy if he can run Lewis instead of Dylan and Billy evades. Bill says he won’t fight Alan Spaulding, because ultimately he wants to do business with him. Bill becomes suddenly worried when Ava hints that she might have told Alan that Jon and Sarah were alive.

Will is kicked out of school because they fear he’s a danger to the other kids. Josh asks RJ if he thinks Will acted mischievously on the railroad tracks and RJ says as long as Will is around, he has to keep his mouth shut. When Cassie refuses yet again to get Will professional help, Josh just leads Will out of the house. Cassie shows up at the school to take Will back home. Cassie tells Will they might go on a trip, just the two of them.

Doris insists Jeffrey prosecute Jon, even though he’s dating Reva. Jeffrey tells Reva about the case against Jonathan, saying he can’t just drop the charges because they’re dating.

Lizzie rails against Reva for keeping this a secret for so long, but Reva tells her she sincerely hopes she can understand she did it to protect Sarah. Reva asks Jon and Lizzie to come over for dinner tonight and they can discuss how they’ll handle Alan. Jon and Lizzie hear cars surrounding the cabin, and Reva, Billy, Bill, Josh and Jeffrey come to convince Jon and Lizzie not to flee town. Finally Jon decides to stay in Springfield and fight Alan with the support of his family. Jon makes a call to customs, telling them to let Alan Spaulding back into the country.

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