Guiding Light Episode Recap, Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Episode #15463----We see Bill has an ad for a cabin in his hand, as Ava feels a twinge in her stomach but decides not to over-think it. Bill tells Ava he thinks the governor wants to endorse him as his successor and Bill wants to take Ava and Max on a family getaway to celebrate. Lizzie tells Bill he can’t multi-task and thinks that if he’s going to run for office, he should give the company back to Lizzie. Lizzie sees the cottage picture and thinks Bill is buying it for her and him. Olivia is skeptical that Bill can develop real feelings for Ava, but Ava thinks the purchasing of the cottage is a sure sign that he wants to move forward as a family.

Ava doubles over in pain and tells Dinah she needs to get to the hospital. Dinah offers to meet with the governor for Bill so he can be with Ava at the hospital. Dinah’s thrown to learn Bill rescheduled the appointment for himself instead of letting Dinah take the meeting as agreed upon. Bill and Ava are both relieved when they hear the baby’s heart beat. Olivia tells Lizzie to leave Bill and Ava alone. Dinah’s hit as Bill tells her that he and Ava will take the meeting with the governor together. Bill answers a call, saying it’s not a good time, as Lizzie tells him to make time for her—he won’t be sorry.

Dinah tells Mallet she’s done waking up and feeling like she’s not good enough. Mallet says she’s more than good enough. Mallet is struck by how happy Marina is playing with Baby Peyton and tells Marina that he can’t have kids—so if that’s something she wants in the future, this may be a problem. Marina tells Mallet that they’ll cross that bridge when they get to it.

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