Guiding Light Episode Recap, Thursday, January 3, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #15330-----Ashlee is devastated to hear her mom’s plans to destroy the Cooper family. Ava dares Ashlee to tell Coop the truth and just see whom he believes. Ashlee is cleaning up and sees a poster of Buzz with “Liar” written on it. Seeing a photo of the Coopers with Ashlee, Ava gets aggravated and tears the photo to shreds.

Lizzie warns Ava that Bill is not worth the time. Lizzie sneaks in to Bill’s room to dig up some dirt, but instead ends up caught up in the memory of his embrace. Lizzie tries to entice Bill not to tear down Company and she’s got a seductive offer in exchange. Ava arrives and Bill breaks up with her so Lizzie can hear him, saying he wants something more permanent. A feisty Lizzie leaves too, Bill hot on her tail. After some good flirting, Bill and Lizzie begin to make love.

A defeated Buzz stares at the remnants of his inaugural party and then looks up to see Harley. Harley can’t believe it’s true about the election being rigged, but Buzz tells Harley she has to admit being with Cyrus is wrong, just like he did with the election. Frank demands Buzz tell him who rigged the election. Harley tells Cyrus she can’t lean on him anymore, because she likes it too much. Cyrus tells Marina he got her her badge back, but she seems less than thrilled. Marina still isn’t ecstatic about what Harley and Cyrus did, but she can’t stay upset with Cyrus. Buzz makes a sincere plea to Doris to keep Main Street the way at is. But a scorned Doris just promises to throw the book at him. Even though Buzz tries his hardest to stop her, Ashlee confesses to rigging the election.

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