Guiding Light Episode Recap, Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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Crystal Chappell (Olivia, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,756----Olivia can't believe Natalia wants her to help pick out baby names. She says she needs to move slowly. Natalia says she understands Olivia needs time, but she wants the baby born with Olivia as her mom, too. Olivia joins in as Frank and Natalia go through baby names. Frank announces Chief Wolfe quit and Frank's in the running for the job.

Jonathan wants to know if it's safe in Springfield. Josh tells Jonathan that Alan has mellowed a little. Reva tells Blake that she's feeling better but knows that it could all fall apart. Blake says she understands-she wore Ross's shirts for six months. Reva talks to Colin and says that everyone does weird things when they're sad and she's determined to get through this. Jeffrey takes aim at Edmund, who goes inside a warehouse before Jeffrey can get him. Jeffrey follows

him and dives underneath the door before it closes. Jeffrey tells Edmund he plans on killing him. Edmund says he is keeping an eye on everyone in Springfield and knows Jonathan is in town. Reva can't believe it when Jonathan comes in with Sarah. Jonathan tells Reva she was right-he needs to stop running, and is going to stay in Springfield. Reva tells Jonathan that she's trying to be more normal. Jonathan covers when he gets a call from Jeffrey. Jeffrey warns Jonathan that Edmund is having everyone in Springfield watched. Jonathan tells Josh he didn't know Shayne had a kid.

The family is stunned when Ed tells them Alan has volunteered to save Phillip. Alan and Phillip lie on gurneys next to each other. Alan says he's exactly where he wants to be and tells Phillip he loves him. Ed says that there's a 50/50 chance the procedure will work. Lillian tells them Alan and Phillip would like to see everyone one or two at a time. James tells Phillip he still doesn't understand why Phillip let Alan do this and not him. Phillip says he loves James but couldn't let him do it. Lizzie tells Alan that he's brave for doing this and she calls him a hero. Phillip asks Bill to make sure everyone is taken care of if Phillip and Alan die. Alan admits to James that he's terrified. Beth heads in to see Phillip. Alex goes to see Alan. Alan tells her to remember he loves her if something happens. Phillip tells Beth that if he comes out of this, he wants to be with her. Bill and James bring in food for everyone. Beth asks Lillian why she didn't tell her Phillip was sick. James tells Lizzie he's upset Phillip wouldn't let him be the donor. The family waits for news about Phillip and Alan.

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