Guiding Light Episode Recap, Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Grant Aleksander (Phillip, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,760----Natalia wants to make sure Rafe has time to see everyone at Company before he leaves. Olivia assures Natalia that Rafe will be okay in the army. Frank checks that Rafe has packed everything. Rafe thanks Frank for taking care of him. Daisy tells James she'd like him to come to Rafe's surprise going away party. The group says their goodbyes to Rafe, and then he gets on the bus. Olivia comforts Natalia.

Phillip finishes his silent goodbye to his father. Rick answers a serious phone call from someone and takes off. The group comments about how beautiful the wedding was. Beth thinks Alan is with Phillip and convinces Alex to leave with her. Rick runs toward Phillip, checks Alan's pulse and confirms Phillip's fear. Rick and Phillip watch as EMTs load Alan's body bag into the back. Rick tells Phillip that his family will need him now. Phillip gives himself a moment to collect his thoughts. Phillip shares the shocking news with Alex and Beth that Alan has died. Phillip comforts

Beth, who worries what to tell Payton. Phillip wants to tell Lizzie and James in person. Alex offers to start making calls. Beth finds Peyton and starts to tell her Alan passed away. Lizzie is thrilled when Jonathan offers her to take Sarah home for awhile. Bill promises he won't let anything happen to Sarah. Jonathan is antsy since he's away from Sarah. Reva assures Jonathan that Sarah will be fine because she's with her mom. Lizzie is excited to play with Sarah, and they start a game of tag. Phillip arrives and takes Lizzie for a walk. He tells her the news and takes her into his arms. Jonathan gets a call from Bill, and then tells Reva that Alan died. Lillian gets a call and hears the news. She hands the phone to Olivia, who then tells the group that Alan died. James runs out the door. The group is in shock and they try to comfort each other. Bill tells Jonathan that he made sure not to say anything about Alan in front of Sarah. Jonathan thanks Lizzie for protecting Sarah. Reva takes down all the pictures of Jeffrey except one, and says it's enough loss-she can't lose anymore. Beth tells Phillip that her relationship with Alan was complicated, and she can't imagine the world without him. James starts to break down and runs into Phillip's arms. Daisy tells Ashlee that Alan's death will be hard on James. Rafe and Emma commiserate over the loss of their grandfather. Rick tells the family that the reports came back and confirmed Alan had a heart attack. Alex tells them Alan asked to be cremated and he wanted them to remember he loved them. Bill and Lizzie join in and play with Sarah. Lizzie says she'll be okay now that she has Sarah. Buzz takes Lillian into his arms and they are glad they have each other. Alex asks Rick if she can sit with Alan. Alex sits next to Alan's covered body, and she finally lets go. Phillip says aloud to Alan that Alan saved them all.

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