Guiding Light Episode Recap, Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Robert Bogue (Mallet, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,732----Dinah's head is spinning after Mallet tells her she's not safe. She hangs up as soon as Shayne returns from the bathroom. Shayne and Dinah are on their way to making love when Dinah suddenly proposes they leave immediately for their honeymoon. Mallet is distracted as Frank hands him paperwork for Dinah and Frank says they'll do what they can for her, but they must follow protocol. Dinah stops Shayne from planning the spontaneous honeymoon and admits the cops are after her... because she killed the man she thought was Edmund. Shayne feels betrayed and can't believe Dinah kept quiet the whole time. Shayne asks why Dinah didn't say anything sooner and doesn't think he can live with this. Dinah is ready to face the consequences and walks out. Mallet tells Frank they have to check Dinah's story to make sure she's not covering for someone. Mallet tells Marina he needs to talk to her. Mallet apologizes for the way he treated Marina and promises to make it up to her. After she leaves, he puts the confession forms in his desk. Mallet blocks Dinah from turning herself in and says he can fix this. Dinah is resolute about letting everyone know what she did and tells Mallet she hurts everyone she touches. Mallet gets an idea. He tells Dinah he's going to help her disappear to another country. Dinah insists on saying her goodbyes before she leaves. On a rooftop, Shayne holds his wedding ring over the edge then puts it back in his pocket. Dinah hugs Remy and thanks him for being her best friend. Reva and Josh are in shock when Shayne tells them Dinah is the murderer. Dinah tells Bill she's sorry she hurt him and Lizzie. Dinah wishes they could make up for lost time together. Dinah admits to Vanessa that she killed the man and must leave town. Vanessa praises her for being a hero. Mallet tells Marina he will meet her at home after he works out one more wrinkle in the case. After she leaves, Mallet finishes up a call for Dinah. Dinah places a handwritten letter for Shayne on the music box, with her wedding and engagement rings. She leaves her room forever. Shayne looks at all the wedding gifts and holds his ring in his hand. Dinah gets in Mallet's car and they drive off. Reva tells Shayne to go home and live his life with Dinah. Shayne reads the letter from Dinah and sets his ring next to hers. Dinah and Mallet exchange goodbyes then Mallet helps her into the chopper... She takes off and watches Mallet until he disappears from sight.

Vanessa, Josh, and Reva separate the wedding gifts. Josh tells Billy that Reva's not doing well. Josh watches Reva take a long look at the empty house before heading inside. Reva asks Josh not to go and admits she's not doing as well as she hoped. He notices Reva talking to Jeffrey's picture. Reva tells Josh that the wedding gave her relief and joy, which she hadn't felt in a long time. Billy steals a kiss from Vanessa then walks her out. Billy tells Frank that things with Vanessa are headed in the right direction. Meanwhile, in the woods, Jeffrey, feverish and weak, talks to Reva's photo to keep himself going. He trudges on toward a light but it turns out to be only a mirror. Jeffrey suddenly collapses to the ground and suddenly sees a 3 year-old girl. Jeffrey collapses just before reaching a remote cabin. A man walks over to Jeffrey's lifeless body-it's Jonathan!

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