Guiding Light Episode Recap, Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Frank Dicopoulos (Frank, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,747----Holly comes to town to visit Blake. Holy can tell that Blake has something weighing on her mind, but Blake isn't ready to talk about it. Blake tells Frank that even though love shouldn't end, sometimes it just does. Holly and Ed catch up and he notes that she sounds very free. Holly agrees to have a cup of coffee with Ed. Some words of advice from Holly send Blake off to take care of something. Blake talks to Ross's gravestone and tells it that she's been thinking about the love they shared and how lucky they were. Ed walks up and makes sure she's okay.

Olivia gets a note asking her to come to the roof. Natalia has set up breakfast on the roof for Olivia. Olivia tells Natalia that their relationship is not going to happen, but Natalia is persistent. Both Frank and Natalia push aside

their sorrows to concentrate on the baby. Natalia's due date is Nov. 28th. She and Frank agree that as long as they love the baby, they'll make an arrangement work. Olivia tries to concentrate on work, but decides to go for a walk instead. She goes back to the roof where Natalia had set up breakfast and looks around.

Shayne has a dream where Lara comes to him and tells him he should be with Henry. He awakens from his dream, realizing this is true. Mallet tells Lillian that he and Marina split up. He calls the agency, letting them know he's leaving the SPD and needs a change of scenery. Marina tells Frank that she and Mallet split up and he thinks it's a terrible mistake. Frank wants to know the reason Mallet and Marina broke up, but Mallet won't say. Frank tells him to leave. Shayne is shocked to hear that Mallet moved out of Marina's. Mallet tells Shayne to be a father to Henry. Marina confides to Lillian that Shayne is Henry's biological father. Lillian thinks Marina and Mallet are the bravest people she knows. Mallet heads inside the Cooper house and finds the suitcase and boxes Marina packed for him accompanied with a note that says "take care of yourself." Daisy hugs Mallet, saying she'll miss him. Mallet learns that the agency has a job for him in Germany. He tells Marina he has to leave tonight. Mallet says his goodbye to Henry. Marina cries in the comfort of Daisy's arms while Mallet turns in his badge and walks away from Springfield.

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